...you are doing this that the other and you lose yourself in your own thoughts...

...Fuck It...

Many times I meddle with my pencil
thinking of what to jot down,
Other times after breakfast when upon
the rusty sink I wash the utensil,
I think of thoughts deep that creep
subtly into my mind.
I wonder off to a land afar and gently
in a repeated circular motion with such caution
am still rubbing upon the cup
until upon my shoulder a tap
And back to earth my mind
I was lost in a land afar,
So thats why I soothingly caressed
that smooth ceramic mug,
What in the world was I thinking?
Sometimes when seated afront my table
my room, am able to read and read,
But other times while I read and read
I bid a teary thought hello
And am there feeling all mellow,
A grimace upon my face and suddenly
am talking to myself,
Am mad, am crazy, am here speaking to me
you see, perhaps I need to visit a shrink
but fuck it, its likely he's just as crazy as me,
so please let me be, whatever demon you are
that you lure the innocence of my mind into
thoughts that for sure are
unpalatable, uncouth, undesirable,
so un... un... ugh! fuck it.

Poetry by kip
Read 751 times
Written on 2006-10-23 at 06:48

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Just keep paper with that pen handy. Love the title, but I would!lol I enjoyed the read and it is so true that we need to capture those mind flying moments. You did quite a good job with this one. Keep it up!lol As the actress.....ermmmmm nah! lol Smiling at you, Tai

liz munro The PoetBay support member heart!
this is a really great write.


I really liked this Kip