Problems & Troubles

The days grow shorter
the nights grow longer.
The words you need to say
never come out,
never seem to sound right.
The days are too short for
everything you need to say.
The nights are so long
you can not sleep the whole time...

Nightmares keep you awake,
nightmares seems to know all your fears,
the uspoken ones and the spoken.
My time to say what I want to
is getting shorter,
the time for us to bury
the hatchet is almost over...

Why won't we just make peace?
Forget all the harsh words?
Why can't we start a new life?
Why is everything so complicated?

Poetry by Surei
Read 569 times
Written on 2005-10-02 at 16:42

Tags Expectation 

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Sandra Finch
Very good. We all need to learn to forgive each other.