If oneday my love would say can you ever love another man? here's my answer. They are just words spring from my heart. It's not musical enough i know but i hope you enjoy them.

24) You Are My Only Love

Sorry but I can never imagine that 1day I can love a man but you.
That my loveliest embrace will be for another.
That my cheeks won't be kissed by your lips.
And my eyes would visualize other's eyes.
It's just hard to accept being faithful to another heart.
Living with him the moments I've shared it with you again.
Writing my messages if they won't be touched by your hands.
Or to cry for the sake of another man.
It hurts enough to think of a new love.
Of a home where you can't be my pillow.
To narrate a story whose hero won't be you .
To smell other's roses ,
And dive into seas and oceans, not within you borders.
My apology, for I can't adore other's season but yours.
To be madly in love but not with you.
I feel painful when I solely wonder in corners and corridors
Finding you not there, my soulmate .
To open the door unwelcome by my love's smiley face.
Do you really want me to forget? and look for another?
When you have already planted in every second of my life:
A smile, a word,
A tear, flowers and joys.
Sorry Sir, in this case I fail.

Words by Amanda K
Read 944 times
Written on 2006-11-11 at 11:07

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amanda u r in deep love
keep on
u r so great
i love each word u write

a very heart felt read ,lovely words you used here,
loved this much:)