Baby, Don't Cry pt. 2

Baby, don't cry.
I see the tears in your eyes.
I need to see you smile.
Anything for you is my style.

I breathe the sadness in.
Thinking: will it end?
Want to see you happy and joyous.
How warm your heart is; but the night is the coldest.

Hold my hand, look into my eyes.
Tell me you love me; tell me no lie.
I want to breathe the air of a smile.
Smile now or later; I won't wait a while.

This love will serve you right,
This love will hold you tight tonight,
This love at your hands is only yours.
This love is here for you, if you want more.

Poetry by Love Knight
Read 848 times
Written on 2006-11-12 at 01:33

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Amanda K
when we love some1 sincerely , he or she becomes a part of us. if cries we pour the tears, if happy we do smile and if in troubles we feel the fear and try give a hand and hold his or her woes. this poem shows what means to love , really.