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The Entity .:. Revelation Two

The tables were set,
The wine chilled and wet,
And all were ready to begin.
Thus the lord stood up
And a cry did erupt
From the crowd which wore all grins.

"I give you a feast," said the lord most high
"That your throats may no longer be dry
And your bellies be nourished and fed."
With that remark
And the butchering of a lark
All started to eat their bread.

The feast was energetic, full of life
Exciting as that first night with one's new wife
All around there was nothing but glee.
The guests had had their fill
None could instill
Greater thankfulness for the marquis.

The dancing did begin
With the smooth stroking of a mournful violin
And all took their places on the floor.
Some remained on the side
Their giddiness preferring to hide
Immune to any woman's implore.

The music reached its peak
The gowns sharp and sleek
Peerless in majesty and beauty.
The dresses spinning faster
Moves none could master
Were each couple's duty.

Unchecked passion surging forth
Like a strong wind from the north
Absorbing all parts of the soul
The weather took a turn for the worse
Fearful and windy, none could traverse
No matter; the lord is in control

Moving quicker, feeling the liquor
Feeling some sort of flicker
Like a light of feelings hidden.
Reputations to uphold
The conscience gives a scold:
This darkness is forbidden.

Time for dessert, that ethereal meal
By now it's all surreal
Every person caught up in feelings of ecstacy
The meal is amazing, simply divine
All can't wait to dine
On the deeply disgusting Delicacy.

Folded into themselves, the guests do not look
Do not notice what was took
The cook is missing his knife!
They are too caught up in each other
Obsessed with the frivolity of one another
That the drink that brings happiness can certainly bring life.

Time to depart
But the guests cannot start
They somehow remember the storm is too severe
They turn around, and heckle the band
Giving an imperative command:
"Play more music for us to hear!"

They dance without whims
They dance without limbs
Only the heart drives.
But suddenly, a crash!
A great thunderous smash!
For now, the entity arrives.

Poetry by Xuxa
Read 793 times
Written on 2006-11-14 at 04:42

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