Don't know if this title really suits this poem, still thinking about it though...

The gift of life

Come what may,
come what will,
let your will be done
let your dreams become
let your wishes
turn into everyday happenings...

All your nightmares,
may they vanish,
may they disappear
& never come back.

All these years
I've been wondering
why do I have to suffer?
why do I have to be this way?

I can not believe how much
I have to give,
how much
I can love...

Everyday is a wonderful gift,
everyday is a day with new challenges,
everyday is a day full of surprises...

I thank you for the gift of life
I give my life to you...

Thank you for bringing me into this world,
without you I would be nothing...

Poetry by Surei
Read 583 times
Written on 2005-10-10 at 14:17

Tags Warmth 

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A self realization that we are expected to give and recieve like everyone else?

John Ashleigh
Erm.....and your rating?


John Ashleigh

I dont have much to say to this except that structure is beautifully original and layed-out. :)