Absolutely Crazy Minds Need Help Now (Acrostic for Aaron)

Always reaching
Belaying all else
Simply striving
Only to fail
Losing all reality
Ultimately doomed
Trying to reach that absolute
Everytime dying
Love dies
Yearning for something else

Captivated by that ideal
Ready to sacrifice everything
All for something unattainable
Zapping the world
Yielding to nothing

Mincing everybody
In selfishness and greed
Never failing to fail
Deftly cutting all extra weight
Slowly pushing forward to a black hole

Needing more
Exceptional anger will suffice
Every single setback
Dimming what's left of life

Holding the goal in sight
Elated at the vision
Lame when it's reached
Perfection built a sturdy prison

Now he is dead
Overly worked to his demise
Waxing on hearts, waning on minds

Poetry by Xuxa
Read 821 times
Written on 2006-11-24 at 20:37

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A very dismal outlook, cleverly woven together. You do have a flare for language and words. Well composed. I challenge you to write an equally positive acrostic :- When young minds ask for wisdom.

Absolutely awesome! well written, it rocks to the highest degree!:)

Well Xuxa still has some quack left in 'em. This is very good and clever!!!

~Aaron Rowe

Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!

Clever and interesting. You kept my attention until the end.