You're gone

I have this pain inside of me,
it's where you used to be
your presence still lingers
your face haunts my dreams...

You're gone!

I'm left alone
no one to help me
nobody who cares.
You used to hold me
used to dry my tears...

You're gone!

I wish there was more I could do
but it's too late now,
You've left,
gone away...

Left me bleeding on the sidewalk,
tears running freely.
You ripped my heart from my chest,
held it in your hand

Now I'm dying a slow and painful death,
you've left...
All I see is your back
and you're not turning around,
running back to me...

You're leaving
without me
never to return...

You're gone!

Poetry by Surei
Read 445 times
Written on 2005-10-14 at 12:51

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such sorrow in this its almost tangible, and the loss that lingers in random thoughts continues to haunt.