His mercy

These last few days have been so wonderful,
I feel so sad, I don't want to say goodbye.
These lights in my head
they're starting to get brighter by the minute.

The days have been so short,
not long enough for me to say what you
needed to hear,
my tongue got all
but still I couldn't form those three little words:
"I love you"

The nights are so long,
so dark
without the light we all
need so desperately.
We all seek His healing,
we all search for His light,
but all we have to do is to open our hearts.

The peace we all seek,
the love we all need,
the security we all want
He has given it to us,
but we locked it up not too lose it,
to keep it save
but lost the key instead.

Here I lie,
exhaling my last breath
taking His hand and following
Him to the bright light.
Never looking back or even
regretting anything!

Poetry by Surei
Read 532 times
Written on 2005-10-18 at 18:46

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life was given, with choice in the heart and eyes that can open to see. all people have to do now is choose and open their eyes.