A pair of complementary love sonnets.

The Proposal

An epiphany of thought
Floats across my fragile mind
Changing my thoughts and deeds
Into those of another kind

Strife changed to joy
Darkness into light
Perfect peace sustains my soul
As I come across your sight

A powerful orchestra of love
Brings us into a symphony of solitude
We're falling into sonorous chords together
All I hear is our beautiful etude

As I gaze into your eyes
I'm ready for your surprise.

The war we fought
In all its perils and strife
Was worth it all
Just to have you in my life

You gave me purpose
And a direction to orient my mind
I had just about given up
But then I met another of my kind

I truly love you
Without any doubt at all
The bonds we feel, so powerful and real
Compel me to utter this call:

Only with you do I want to be
My exquisite love, I would be honored if you would marry me.

Sonnet by Xuxa
Read 782 times
Written on 2007-01-02 at 01:00

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Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
Two love sonnets presented beautifully. I love reading sonnets; they leave me sighing just as your's did

This Xuxa is great, Ive missed your writing had wanted to read something of yours. I am happy to see that you are well. Oh Happy New Years : )

~Aaron Rowe

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Format: 4
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Overall: 5