Here's a message with questions that onyl the heart can answer.Whoever can answer them, send it to me, i will appreciate.

36) My Answers in Your Heart

Why do I miss you so much?
Why do I always yearn for your touch?
Why your words are stuck in my mind?
And I can read your thoughts even before you come by?
Why I see in your eyes all my dreams?
Why do I imagine that happiness exists when your are near?
Why whenever I have a question I find my answers in your heart?
Why do I do forgive you no matter what you do?
Cherishing your memories as the ones of childhood?
And when I return from abroad,
I want you the first 2 hug.
How can you make me smile when am full of tears?
And how could you perish the fears that I have built through years?
How could you make my life so sweetly complete?
And drew hopes that would be easily seen?
Hows and why I guess love will do more honey, sweetie and dear.

Poetry by Amanda K
Read 929 times
Written on 2007-01-17 at 08:49

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betsy Firefly
Only love can answer most of these questions.

Christoffer Waye
So tuching..
Incredible :D
I felt really tuched by this :D
As to anwsering the questions I guess only the one who asked them can asnwer them.

Well, you answered them it is love, everything you wrote I've told my best friend.

That is love...

Excellent Write

Fav for sure...

this text so deep
i have no comment to this
coz it's realy so beautiful
thanx amanda