Wrote this for Charl, while he was still alive...

Love lost

Loving you hurts me more
than you could imagine
and more than words could explain!

When I see you I long for you,
when you look at me
it feels like you can see into my soul,
see all my sadness,
see all my dark secrets...

Yes, I too have a dark side,
but no one sees it,
no one can ever see it!

The way I feel about you
is strange,
I've tried to define it,
I've succeeded,
the way I feel about you
is unique,
I've never felt like this before!

I can't sleep,
'cause you're in my dreams,
I can't eat,
'cause I keep on thinking about you,
I can't concentrate,
'cause then I start seeing you!

I'm starting to go crazy!

How could I let this happen?
Why didn't I run away?
Why didn't I lie
and tell you that I don't love you?
Why did I tell you that I love you?
Why can't I be happy?

Happiness comes once-in-a-lifetime,
I've lost my chance,
I had a chance,
but I let it slip through my fingers!

I wish I could stop time,
make people listen to me,
tell people why I acted the way I did,
what really happened...

But in my heart
I know they won't listen
and I know that I've lost you...

Poetry by Surei
Read 521 times
Written on 2005-10-27 at 11:28

Tags Sadness 

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