Eternity alone

Every day I come home,
but you're not here.
I wander the streets,
my eyes searching for you
my heart beating with anxiety
my hands shaking,
longing to touch you...

My body aches,
it needs you to touch it,
hold it,
caress it...

I walk down the beach,
hoping to catch a glimpse of you,
hoping to bump into you...
But all I see is this yellow beach!

I drive around,
thoughts wandering,
mind pondering...

Where are you?
Will I find you again?
Will our souls be together
in the afterlife?

You took my heart
and gave me yours,
but mine died
when you died...
your heart is still mine,
but it's cold,

Your heart stopped beating
and my heart beats with pain,
sorrow and hatred...

Everyday I hatch a new plan,
I could clone you,
I could lock myself up,
stop eating
and sit around waiting for death.

I sit here,
staring death in the eye,
and I'm thinking...
Do I want this?
Should it end like this?
Should I rot away in a corner
all alone?

I reach the golden gates,
Gabriel tells me you're not here...
you went the other way
and I cry
'cause I died to be with you!

But, instead of a lifetime without you
I face eternity alone...

Poetry by Surei
Read 674 times
Written on 2005-11-06 at 14:15

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