I don't want to live...

My life is filled with pain,
to feel it day in
and day out...

I don't want to live anymore,
but I still do
I don't want to feel pain anymore,
but I feel it more and more each day.

I have this hatred inside of me,
burning me,
scorching my insides
eating away at my liver,
stomach and lungs...

Just like an all consuming

Everytime I try to stop
this hatred
I fight a battle I can not win!

I try to mend my life,
but I never succeed,
how can I succeed
while my soul is dead?
My heart is ice?
and I feel worthless?

I hold my breath,
I try to suffocate myself
and then I give in,
breathe the life giving air,
realise that I want to live,
that I need to live...

Until I go to sleep
and my nightmares haunt me,
kill me piece by piece...

Poetry by Surei
Read 678 times
Written on 2005-11-06 at 14:21

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