Sometimes we mistakenly wait for love from some who exploit this need and hurt us more. One has to be honest and then brave to stand and refuse such lousy lovers.Even if his/her heart will break.

46) Trip Mistakenly Picked

Forget me this is the end.
I suffered as I'll never suffer again.
I killed myself in order to give you my soul.
I Said enough but you kept asking for more.
You were the creep who did not stop to eat.
And I was the victim of this disease.
I patiently waited for love that did not appear.
I knocked the door but there was no answer to hear.
Believing in a way or another you have loved me indeed.
But how soft was my heart, and how stony was yours.
Then I stopped at the middle of the scene,
Refusing to see; that there was a hope from you side.
Therefore, I packed and dumped your world.
Putting an end to a trip that I mistakenly picked.

Poetry by Amanda K
Read 1307 times
Written on 2007-03-13 at 12:53

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this beautiful poems very good write well done

philip reis
And I was the victim of this disease.
love this line thank you
2007-03-14 Moods The PoetBay support member heart!
a good point to bring up... we shouldn't go on with things that don't feel right to us... especially in love... since it's such a special thing to share with another... you don't want to hand it out to any old fool come your way... that's how i read this for my interpretation and impression :) really good message, be more assertive and attentive in love to realize what's good and what isn't... and not put up with what's not... another good read from you :) *hugs* xx

Good for you Amanda, you are a strong woman, stronger than moi for sure. Good write on the pitfalls of loving the wrong person. Smiling at you, Tai