My love for you

My thoughts racing
my mind pacing
what I've done is unforgivable,
a sin,
a disgrace...

How could I fall in love with you?
Why didn't I tell you?

I thought about it,
wanted to tell you
but the words never formed,
never felt the touch of my tongue.

These words stayed on my tongue,
they weren't spoken
yet they scream
in pain,
they want to be released,
want to "breathe"...

And it happens...

I break in pieces at your funeral,
scream out in pain,
these words are released!

"I love you!"

I'll never be whole without you
and I'll never be the same...

In time we'll meet again
and our love will flourish...

Poetry by Surei
Read 780 times
Written on 2005-11-06 at 14:26

Tags Wonder 

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We all do things that we are guilty of but most we are not, but if we become guilty of restriction then where will it end , we cannot say what was'nt said, therefore we cannot be guilty of anothers thoughts misdirected or otherwise.