Its time to make a stand.

Coming to Terms with the Past

My eyes have seen many in the past few years

Shouts from ignorant mouths; Reactions from blind ears

The time has come to accept our racial mix

That time, money, or ignorance will never fix

Why does my skin erupt feelings of hate

Why can't your intolerance for payback and revenge wait

For many years eyes and ears have felt oppression

To lash out in fear and rage was to your discretion

Is your hate and contempt worth your effort and time

In societies eyes your hate against man is a crime

Please open your eyes and hearts to the problem at hand

Without a love for the people around you, acceptance can't stand

How many people have to perish before your contempt is satisfied

How many children could have succeeded before they died

Should our mistakes of the past influence today

No, they should help us build a bond and pathway

Until a love for equality and humility is finally found

Our society and culture now sit on very unstable ground

Lets all come together and have one spiritual release

Lets all come together and share what we all desperately need: peace

Poetry by Coolaaron88
Read 676 times
Written on 2007-04-16 at 04:43

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Colin Skilton
Hi Aaron, i wish i could say prejudice has changed over the years but like a shadow it lingers in the past ready to attack for no reason. Theres never a reason for prejudice, wether it be against a man beacuase his colour is different, or because a person is handicapped physically or mentally. Just becausee he or she is gay or a single parent, whatever the reason there is no excuse for the bitter twist of the knife that prejidice gives. Mccarthy , Hitler, Moseley and all the others were little people with a large chip on their shoulders, trouble is they were also great orators who could whip up a frenzy in no time at all.
Your poem captures the sadness of being on the receiving end of this saddest of sins. May we all live to see the day when such stupidity evaporates forever.
My Best Wishes to you.

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strong message here well carried over to the reader
it comes as no surprise
you were born to write

A very good write ... and it is a strange thing with humans ... they walk in herds and it seems that it takes a pretty strong herding "dog" to shift their stride ... and time ... but I too belive that this is happening ... but I too it is needed to happen faster .. but as Weirdzarun points out we are on our way ... that is what we need to cling too ...

best wishes

There's a man over there
What's his color?
I don't care
He's my brother: let us live in peace.

Bernie Taupin lyrics. I use them everyday. Stay strong, my friend. Oppression and ignorance will falter and fade someday for racism. Someday soon. Look at the greats who have made such great change in the past 30 years! This is beautifully written and carries a beautiful message. Very good work.

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