I'm sitting here
room full of people
and I feel so lonely!

How can this be possible?
I'm in a crowd
and still I feel left out.

Since you've gone,
I feel so empty
and my heart beats
no blood,
it beats
dry sand...

My eyes don't cry tears,
they fill with pain!
I've changed,
become some kind of robot
and then I'm alone,
nobody around
and these walls break,
my eyes fill with
rivers of tears
my heart breaks
as I look upon your photo...

And I wonder,
was it worth it?
Did you want to leave
me behind
all alone?

Poetry by Surei
Read 856 times
Written on 2005-11-16 at 09:19

Tags Sadness 

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heart beating dry sand... well that's just......


they nearly stand alone themselves, a poem all their own

oh so much pain... i feel you, surely do. even though the subject has been somewhat overused this wonderful poem comes out with fresh tears on its cheek. very well done!

Black Knight
In the world many lonely people - the ones are lonely, because were abandoned; others because have left; for the third nobody is necessary...

You write wiyh such sadness and emotion it makes my heartache to read this.

wonderful write , may they long continue,,,Eddy