I know this subject is getting boring, but unfortunately I just don't feel happy or perky anymore, I feel like this zombie walking around on this earth....


Lying in my bed,
no one to comfort me
& only my thoughts to keep me company.

Thoughts of you are killing me,
tearing me into pieces,
breaking my limbs one-by-one...

Why is it so hard to move on?
Why can't I forget you?
Go on with my life?
Be myself again?

You filled my life with your presence
& now you're gone...
These empty pains in my chest
are smothering me,
stealing my air supply,
suffocating my lungs...


How can I be normal again?
You said you loved me,
but will those words keep me alive?
Be with me my whole lifetime?
Will these memories of you be enough
to sustain me,
or will you fade away?
How will I ever know?
Are you happy?

Are you with Him?

You used to captivate me,
make me look into your hazel eyes,
made me who I am...

Now I burn,
I long for you,
long to feel your lips on mine,
to feel your heart
beneath my palm...

But all I have is cold pictures,
dead memories
of a time long ago
& I wonder
was it worth it?

How can I go on?!
I can't visit your grave,
'cause you were burnt...
I can't silence my sadness,
'cause I need you...

You were the one for me
& now I'm alone in this world...
No one to love
& none that love me!


Poetry by Surei
Read 802 times
Written on 2005-11-17 at 12:38

Tags Sadness 

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My heart crys out to you, losing a loved one is so painful, but there are,and will be others to fill the void in time, but you must give yourself that time to heal, lots of hugs .