Wrote this for someone very dear to my heart, he takes up my thoughts and rules my life!Even though he isn't with me anymore...

What you mean to me

Thinking of you
hurts me day in
and day out!
Sometimes I wish I never knew you,
just to remember what you meant to me...

I might think that I don't need you,
but I do,
I long to see you smiling,
to stare into your eyes
to feel alive!

I haven't felt alive
for a while now
and wherever I go
I see you,
even if it's only a shadow
or a figment of my imagination...

I've learned that I can be strong,
that my tears
aren't for nothing
that you meant something to me!

I've become strong,
noticed small things,
seen the way you changed
my life...

And I'm grateful...

Knowing you as a friend
and a loved one
has made me realize how much
I want to live!

Thank you,
wherever you are!

Poetry by Surei
Read 763 times
Written on 2005-11-18 at 11:30

Tags Sadness 

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