Wrote this very long ago!

Love hurts

You were the one I loved,
now all that's left is hate...
I know that you have your reasons,
but why?

What did you see?
What did I do?
I wish I coudl erase all your words,
but I can not for I didn't say them!

What happend?
You told me that you love me.
What happend, who took my place?
You say there's no one else,
but I don't believe you!

How can you love me,
but you don't want to be with me?
How can you ask me not to be mad?
How can I stay your friend,
when all I think of is you?

I can not stay your friend,
...well, for now!
because I have to mend my broken heart!
How can you break my heart,
and then say that you love me?

I wish I never met you,
but then I would never know what cheat you are,
I wish that I could change some things,
but how can I do that when you decide to be like that?

Sometimes I think you are wonderful,
but I can't think of you like that anymore,
for you broke my heart and I just feel like crying!

I thought about killing myself,
but why?

Why should I end my life just because you're dumb?
Why should I die for you when I know there's someone better?
Why should I cry about you,
all you give me is heartache,
pain, grief, tears and sadness!

You make me happy,
but you also make me sad...
How can I have these feelings,
but you don't want to comfort me,
tell me it's gonna be allright?

How can I be so dumb and fall in love with you?
Why did I have to be so soft at heart?
Why do I have this weakness inside of me?
I wish my heart was made of ice...

That way it would be impossible
to have feelings for anyone!

Maybe I should lock up all my dreams,
hopes, loves and loathes...

I know that you love me,
but how can I love you?
You give me gifts,
you make me happy,
but you don't want to be with me,
you get jealous,
but then we're not together,
you want to control my life,
but then again you're not my boss!

Why can't I get you out of my heart,
head, dreams and hopes?

Why do I still long for your arms around me,
still dream of our lips together,
still hope to find a letter in the mail,
still search for you in a crowd?

Why did I fall in love with you?
Why did I have to be such a fool?
Why didn't I listen to my head?
Why did I act with my heart?

Why, why, why??

Poetry by Surei
Read 732 times
Written on 2005-11-20 at 12:15

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"Love is a [sick] joke with no punch line..."
-The Oblongs (tv show)

Love can be a wonderful feeling, but it can hurt too...We love you Surei and may this love never hurt...

"I thought about killing myself,
but why?
Why should I end my life just because you're dumb?
Why should I die for you when I know there's someone better?"

My friend thought about killing herself for a while...unfortunately it was me questioning why. Cheers to your self-awareness! :)

Zoya Zaidi
The poem flows like the "stream of consciouness" a style adopted by
Virginia woolf, by James Joyce!
Where you write as your thoughts flow...
As for the Whys?
They are the questions every one asks & no one has the answer to them...
poeple meet...fall in love... fall apart...meet again... fall again...
& the cyclr goes on...
WHAT I want to tell you is: Don't fret! It will pass...
xxx Zoya

i know the feeling of asking yourself why? why? why?

and love hurts more than any other pain i've yet to encounter, so true... but i don't think that true love can ever really disintegrate to hatred. hurt, yes. anger, yes. crimes of passion, you betcha. but hate? i just can't see it.

nevertheless, a feeling piece that showed your emotions and the narrative of a realistic stream of thoughts... good job.