67) Tell me about your Pains

Don tell me you are ok ;
When your voice is chocked,
And eyes full of tears.

Don pretend you are fine
If you are taking the burden alone
And refusing to share or understand

Your heart if full of sores.
Sorrow has captured your soul,
And if you will wear a hundred masks;
I can see the real face,
And hear the true voice.

For baby am a part of you.
Happy if you're glad,
Sad if you're upset,
And if you lie to me,
I can always tell.

So come closer.
And let us divide the pains.
Under the sun or the rains,
I will help and never refrain

Poetry by Amanda K
Read 1542 times
Written on 2007-06-22 at 13:03

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Anne Westlund
The idea you expressed is really cool. It's all about communication. A really heartfelt poem.

Elle The PoetBay support member heart!
The unspoken communication between two people, so that every emotion is realised, good poem:)

Elle x

straight from the heart
you capture emotion so well with no effort /your a natural
great write

John Ashleigh
This sums up an emotion we all feel, and a state of mind we all come across. When people are not fine, there instinct tells them that they are, when they're really not bothered about what happens next. We all try to help our loved ones. Lovely poem Amanda.