...ever wanted something to happen in so much as you think of the possibility and it simply moves you...

The Moment, The Minute, The Hour, The Day

When that moment comes,
That long waited moment
That is now but a glimmer shining
forth in that which we call heart,
A moment that up to right now is
only but a hint of hope

So vivid this moment,
So true, so real, so sought after
That if it were to be
Life would find new meaning

When that minute comes,
That long pause in silence
made up of sixty serene moments,
That minute when words unsaid
are often spoke through eyes unshut
A minute that today is but
a distant thought seemingly unrealistic,
Hopelessly romancing a minute that exists only
in the mind

So vivid this minute though,
So potent with emotion, so surreal
That truly if it were to be
Life would certainly find new meaning

Then there's that hour,
That hour you only dream of those
few minutes in the shower when tiny droplets
of warm caressing fantasies invade the stillness
of nerves that lie beneath beauty that is your skin

When that hour comes,
The hour that holds the minute within which
vows were exchanged before words were even conjured,
The minute that holds the moment that a while ago
was but a glimmer
That hour, when down your spine a shiver crawls
So intense are the events that follow to become that day

When that day comes,
The day that love in its purest form
was defined by a simple moment
That then would be the day, that if it were to be
Life would truly have found new meaning

Poetry by kip
Read 1195 times
Written on 2008-02-27 at 16:36

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