It may not be a Poem as Such,
But Id thought id share, never know whom it might touch.

It Makes Me Smile

I guess in many ways love and life are parallels,
never really crossing each other's paths,
just skimming on each other's surface,
for as love makes you blind,
so does life makes you see.

See what, you ask?
What would one want to see when you are in love anyway?

And in there lies the rump,
Life entitles experience and in experience comes knowledge,
"the one whom increases knowledge, increases sorrow."
But loves makes fools of us all,
so I guess you're an idiot to fall in love.

Because love makes you,
Blind, ignorant, stupid and ... happy.

Since life without love is not worth having,
and since we cannot live without love,
at the same time we cannot learn anything,
as when we are in love we are in fact morons,
the term at least I will die happy comes to mind.

So living life at its fullest is to learn everything about life,
and in so becoming sad, angry, lonely and ... wise.

Does one not find it amusing that sayings like,
"and so the wise man said..."
and in those light quotes they never have stories of how,
rich and adorned in beautiful women he is,
instead he sits in his mud hut clad in rags.

Love...does the wise man not love?
or does he simply know something we do not?

Can I not love to know?
to be happy in knowing about the beauty of a sonata,
or the vast complex laws of physics that hold our world in order,
without also increasing my sorrow?
is it so that in knowing I will know what others will not or cannot learn?

I guess the jokes is on us, when God created man,
You may love and be happy,
But when you try and understand me and the creation
you will only shed tears and frustration.

What a cruel joke,
It's like giving a toy to a child and yes he may play,
but alas he may not know how to make, fix or mend the toy,
As if to say value the time you have with this gift,
don't sit and inspect how the legs and arms work,
just run, jump and dance and be at peace.

And yet we are born with a deep desire to know,
ask why, how, when and what,
"lead us not in temptation"
I must say even that makes me smile.
The comedy and tragedy of life.

Might we be sitting in a waiting room for the voice to come,
and playing all of us with our toys,
some have played for too long and are bored,
some may not even get a chance to start,
and everyone looks up ever so briefly when one of us leaves and asks

I wonder what's going on behind that door.

Words by Christoffer Waye
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Written on 2010-12-13 at 06:05

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