Just something......

My soul.......damned!

I wake up to cloudy skys
A broken heart and teary eyes
My days seem to never end
And my broken soul will never mend

I live in an eternal night
Always alone, nobody in sight
I do not see a life ahead for me
But the fact its there is what I dread

I wish to remain in an eternal dream
where nothing is what it seems
where I can see the light above
where I create a world full of love

For today the world we live in
is a massacre full of sin
a place I wish not to be in
horrors I wish not to see

As my days are full of pain
I also feel a constant pain
for I am haunted by my past
I remember my first day and my last

My first days when I was sane
And my last as I put the razor to my vein
It was this world I wished to leave
But by my suicide I was deceived

For it was then after
I did not hear the laughter
Nor the heavenly angels, welcoming me
To live in their world where I could fly free

Instead I was cursed with eternal damnation
where on this earth I see each coming nation
they come and go, yet here I stay
for what I've done, I must pay

I am not alive, nor am I dead
And I do not know what lies ahead
I shall wander this earth alone
For it was my soul, that I disowned.

Poetry by Surei
Read 768 times
Written on 2006-03-20 at 11:33

Tags Pain 

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