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The latest comments that Sarvesh has written.

"Fragile" Handle carefully

girl you write real gud. keep it up.

by any chance you a member of orkut???


After the rain

jst cought this one..
"I strolled about, feeling brave and strong"
dont u thnk "i strolled along" is better and typo. correct?
and otherwise its a lovely piece.
the scent of ur crude and innocent writing which many young poets try to hide with inappropriate complicated words is so good!

kepp goin. jst out pour ur complex thoughts in the simplest of words...n if u succeed...ur a true poet my friend!:)


very few poets write for a cause...most of em just do for their own sake.
you are different...and with an intention to help those band guys,
your selfless poetry is a t par from others:)
keep writing.

The Days of Me and You

i use to wonder which kinda poems are rated as ed choice....coz most of em i dnt think deserve that kinda over rated 'hype'
but this wrk of yours surely deserve it!!!
its so lucid and vivid and floting inside ones memore lang aftter reading it.
i believe its one of the best ive read from you.
keep writing.keep dreaming.

Blind, Deaf and Dumb...

nice work.
but then arent we all blind...seening and will fully decepting things.......deaf ...coz we can hear the mayhem of this world bt not our voice within.....and dumb....tormented and smothered by somethings left unsaid.....
what do you say?:)

No flowery hope!

wow1 what imagiry....great work...memories like eroding soil...
cheers to you n winter!
tc cr

A Child Dies

indeed a 'real life' xperience.
the way you linked pathos in the imagiry of your poem is very well.
good work.
keep it up


indeed a very well versed poem frm ya side.
keep it up. course of life never ran smooth....ull have ya day:))
keep this good work of yours.
loved....theres no forever.
so painful to admit yet so true.

The Spirit of Poetbay

what exactly those people are doing to "mar' the spirit of bay?
do tl this.

perhaps i have some reply to this....check my texts.

The Spirit of Poetbay

nice work zoya
like alwaz u do.
do read one of my poem.."supporting BAY"

its all wat i thnk, wats ur opinion on it...do tl me.

nice wrk of urs newz.
tc cr.

And stars scattered across her eyes

umm...well I beg to differ from Mr. Zeeshan.
you've blended nature so well with this poetry that there is no point of being it raw.
thats the beauty of your writing style.
keep it up:)

I Once Was...

" and this expectation is the greatest hurdle for mankind to cross' said Buddha.
dear friend,
even though a coin loses its lusture, its value remans the same. live for youself. and then only you can live for othrs. make your self a stream of happiness from which other derive their comfort, if you wish.
" its only when you are hardest hit,
rest if you must, but dont quit."

welcome to bay!! ( coz i know now u arent going n this is a frsh new start for you) cheers.

Heaven help my heart

these fresh and raw emotions youve baked on ya poetry is truly a marvel to read.
its an art to deliver commplex by the simple. this work of yours reflect it. gud job:)

You broke my heart by loving me

what can i say... its true coz its straight frm ya heart.
really admired the way these emotions are painted.
great true to heart work. keep it up.

PS- it takes courage to paint ur pain in all its colours. u r on the right track.


...straight from heart....dats all wat i can say.simple yet effective. good work.
keep writing.

Chime and rhyme

so simple yet so powerful.....i can see between those words. beautyful creation.

All Are Poets

a marvel to read n reread.

Sadness Between Dancing Happiness

.....n the dancer left without a trace....
nice work.

Mother and Father

thats really the most pious of the thoughts u wrote.
....and so God created MOMMY,
angels inside of us.....
great work.