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Marie Cadavieco

76 years old from England

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Such fun! I enjoyed this immensely! I like the last verse, not least because I am Marie!

Sweet Marie might be a saint
But her ghoulish family ain’t.

Marie xxxxxx

Sunset Serenity

Exquisite description of being held captive by a departed love, knowing you must let go, but not being ready to do so.

I like your puppet metaphor, so meaningful.

Marie xxxxxxx


The people who are included in our entourage usually are either a reflection or the opposite of ourselves. Happy is he (or she) who know who is which.

I liked this, it set me thinking.

Marie xxxxxxx

Q U I R K Y ...y...y...

Very succinct.

People change. Why not?

Marie xxxxx


Worst possible situation. How can we ever find what we would not recognise as being what we are searching for…

Marie xxxxxxxx

too real to fake it

Yes, I keep forgetting you are a fiction. Damn! I like you! All of you!

Marie xxxxxx


Yes! I sat quite a long time thinking of those dry leaves…

When the light goes out forever

So much left to do, no time now to do it. I was very touched by the raw emotion in these words.
I lost my dad when I was 20, nothing can can erase the sadness, but after so many years, it is as if tied up with a ribbon and lying in a box, which I can open when I need to cherish his memory once again, and be soothed, or shed a tear and tell him my troubles.

The flower of life

I enjoyed this, it made me reflect on the unconscious beauty of the world around us.

Therefore, an elderly woman should not be called as a witness by Ann Wood

Oh! How true! An elderly woman says the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth! More than they want! The judge must have a lot to hide...
A very funny story.

Path by Ann Wood

Wow, this is moving, it is a heartfelt comment on our lives here on this earth, the struggles, and finally, there is only the hope that it is not the end.

I admire you so much, to write in a foreign language, and still reveal the poet within you. I loved this very much, well done.

I'm shutting down for a while. Lost my creativity...gone looking for it.

I have been missing all September, because I was overwhelmed with memories of loss which all seem to have occurred in September.

My thoughts are with you, and I sincerely hope to see you up and running again soon.

I have just published my first poem in over a month, about what life has felt like during that month or more.

Kindest wishes,
Marie Cadavieco

My Sister

It must be hard to see a younger sibling getting all the babylove, I was the younger so I cannot imagine. I was glad to see she was accepted and loved, became 'part of you'. Very beautifully done!

the pink room

There was so much gentleness, so much that was good, it was like a blow in the face, that last line.
Oh, the mistakes, the mistakes. If we can see them, not as a source of self reproach, but as opportunities to learn, then regret can be put away. Your poem really wormed its way into my heart. Well done.

Turning down the Queen...

Love it! Yes! Nuuk er Nuuk - I MUST remember that... is Denmark in mourning for missing the opportunity to see THAT VERY SELF OPINIONATED PERSON in the flesh? I don't think so!

Making Greenland......

Love it! And now, Denmark has offered to buy North America!
i enjoyed this.


Sometimes we have to face reality.
Nice poem.

Happy Birthday to my best friend and sister in heart KysaSweet by Ann Wood

I am sure she will be overjoyed with this heartfelt greeting. Very nicely done.

In the library

Devastating feelings, being left alone by someone we care about. Nice write.


Ah! That is the secret! Keep tasting! I enjoyed reading this, brings home the fact that in reality, life does not slow down and stop, it just carries on, bringing new surprises, and we can travel along or get off, as we choose, until choice is taken away from us.

As Browning said (putting words into the mouth of Fra Lippo Lippi) "Oh, Oh! It makes me mad to see what men shall do, and we in our graves!"

When my mother had recovered from her third cancer (all primaries) at age 72, she said to me, I'm not dying yet, I'm too nosey, I don't want to miss anything! And went on another 8 years, when that last enemy took her by stealth.

Very enjoyable poem.


Y s, love can be a fire, an earthquake... and when things go bad, it can blight the lives of not just those directly involved, but spreads like rings in the water.
I enjoyed reading this, though it evokes mixed feelings!


Oh, those dreams! If only we could decide what to dream about!
Well expressed, a good read.


How true. We do not have to be rich to enrich the lives of others. Nicely written.

Thoughts On Random Patterned Chaos

It does sound all so pointless, spinning, spinning. Very well written.

It made me think of a little verse I read many years ago:

The Moon goes round and round the Earth:
Around the Sun we go.
We do not die of death, oh no.
We die of vertigo.


Sums up perfectly the ambivalent feelings we have towards rain!


I like to trawl through to find work I have somehow missed. I am so glad I did! The topic of greed which destroys not only the earth but other human beings less fortunate, spoke to me immediately, but then the transition from disgust and despair was sudden, enlightening, and encouraging. Strangely this is the second poem I have read today which speaks of Divine Light.


Ken, you are so right! It seems as if the world is turning back the clock to the bad old days, as you say, of fascism, the modern face thereof, which the impressionable young people swallow whole without question.

Well expressed!

T A U N T 'r

Excellent. Straight to the point, hard hitting.

I think I know him.

DAMNED - poetry

Looks as if you are stuck with being a writer and poet. I was up until 2 am writing stuff! A blessing and a curse!


I enjoyed the feel of this, it certainly does evoke the rhythmic movement of a boat as it encounters the resistance of the wind on the water, like the challenges of life.

Consider The Zebra

Oh, this s funny, clever, and oh, so true. Edible complex - brilliant. Love it.

An Arduous Art

And don't we just! I liked this. Summed up in so few words, the poet's struggle.

A mirror has two faces

This hit the nail right on the head! You have illustrated beautifully the human condition. I enjoyed this.

My best shot

I hope it's not goodbye. It can be disappointing when you write something and don't get feedback, often it is hard to express what a poem makes you feel, particularly when it really hits you between the eyes.

Keep on writing, it is something which a poet has to do to be happy!

Along Came a Precious Rose, So Fragile and Young

This is so beautiful, I think anyone would love your 'Rose without thorns or thistles'. I feel sad, though, that the poet feels he has harmed her, he puts her on a pedestal, but it seems she is stronger than he thinks. Lovely poem.
- Marie

WORDS (Additions)

Excellent. Possibly fewer words were needed....

Master of Drivel

Well put! To quote a great philosopher - namely, my Spanish Spouse - we all see the fair through our own eyes.


Very well put, Ken! Sometimes you meet someone, you just 'click', and it feels so comfortable and natural. I especially appreciated 'we talked as like in an ongoing conversation" which says it all really.

There When

All so true. Man's deep seated need to acknowledge something greater than him self brings out the very worst kinds of parasites. If there IS an ultimate truth, it will not be bought with donations to bogus causes. So well expressed! I love the "rotting woodwork of disappointment". It was very much how I felt at times. Bravo! - Marie


Beautiful. This makes me think of Leonard Cohen.

- Marie


How true. The world is run by those least suited to do so, whose only interest is holding onto power and protecting their own interests.

I like the style, the repetition of those three lines makes this like a song.
- Marie

Open Notebook Resting on a Porch Rail

Sometimes it's good to look back. I found this gem. I love Haiku, and this one has that lovely twist at the end, of Nature ruffling the pages of your book, reading them! A lovely example. Thank you!

- Marie

Still skating

Awwww how touching. A metaphor for life, one can say. I like the two contrasting visions. First, the young, dashing, confident man alongside his equally confident, young, willing mitten! (Were you smitten by the mitten?) And now, you still hold hands... skating in the parking lot. Holding hands is so intimate. I keep on reading this because I love it!


A reminder of the wonderfully varied weather of Britain. I wouldn't fancy a Full English cooked on a pavement! Moroccan plume. Love it! Thanks for your take on it, Ken.

Strange that I was just thinking of a very cold winter this morning. December 1962 it snowed at Christmas and was bitterly cold. 🥶

Outdoor Concert

Brilliant. Who needs more? The sounds of nature. The most relaxing and comforting sounds in the world. There is a feeling of serenity, in the short lines, which say just enough, no more. As you say: it is enough, this.

- Marie

GULLS RIGHT CLEVER BLIGHTERS (Addishanal Stanza) (Inspired By A Work By Marie Cadavieco)

😂 I had my fish and chips stolen by gulls on Ilfracombe pier. Big cheeky devils.

The next day we were on the putting green and one pinched my golf ball. I was generously awarded a hole in one, though I am sure it was on a path to miss by a mile! Thank you, gull!

I am pleased that my poem inspired this trip into Gull Nightmare Land. Thank You!



How very true. I just wrote something to that effect this morning on my FB page.

If the world were populated exclusively by poets, musicians and artists, I feel it would be a more peaceful place.

A thumbs up, for this one!

- Marie

Meeting the death by Ann Wood

This is beautiful! I like the idea of giving the bread and water.

'Bright way, my friend!' Such a wonderful goodbye. This is such a positive and gentle poem about death.

Thank you!
- Marie.

Thoughts on Another Night of Dread

This is really so emotionally raw.
Only those who have lived with this can possibly imagine how it feels to lose total control of this bodily function, and have the stark reality, of how obnoxious human waste really is, thrust before them every single day of their lives.

My best friend at college had to have a permanent ileostomy due to very severe Crohn's disease, and it was a devastating experience for her.

You gave expressed this with lines of random length and shape which reflect the feeling you must have had, of a life out of control.

Thank you for having the strength and courage to publish this.


How lovely, how wonderful to share and live your moment. Such visions live in the memory and no camera, no matter how sophisticated, could ever capture that picture. I like the short lines, brief as the moment they recreate.