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Rex Panthera

34 years old from Sweden

The latest comments that Rex Panthera has written.

The Final War

Most refreshing to find another mind occupied with unraveling the entire picture of our planet and humanitys' role in it.
I'm picking up christianic undertows in it though, and that would be the only thing in this piece that leaves a foul taste in my mind.
I might be mistaken though, of course.
Well written none the less.


This piece really touched a nerve with me. A sense of home is a luxury some men never knows. Anyone who can call your presence home is a lucky one. A very communicative piece.
Well done, Sage.

inside the snow globe

Interesting story you tell here. You manage to captivate the readers attention throughout the entire piece with this.

don't ever date a man named Destruction

Read it about 4 times and it got better each time I read it. You have a distinct means of expression. One that suits my taste quite well, too. The dual meaning in "digits" is quite amusing(maybe it was unintentional from your part though?).


More interesting still! I'd like to have a quick peek inside that head of yours. I like the imagery in your work so far.

a crescent in mourning

Occult, organic and intruiging. Interesting to read, to say the least. Well done!


A small thought of considerable size. Well written!

The irresistibility of darkness

Sin City-esque in a way. Well written and intriguing to the last sentence.

La Résistance

It is a good piece. I don't find myself agreeing with the pacifist view you display here, but good poetry is good poetry nevertheless.
And yours is.


I understand the one you describe. One can fall so deep as to become alien to human emotion and warmth. Among the first signs of such a fall is the change of mental habitat. Simpler put; when your life have been saturated wih struggle and negative emotions and experiences it becomes incorporated into ones persona and the psychological polarizations swap extremes. Joy becomes painful, anger becoms joyful etc.

Sapphire Sky

I've no clue as to what a sestina is. Bugs me a little but as they say; you learn as you live. However I'd like to take the opportunity to congratulate you for your efforts in writing one.
I like the result very much. Splendid poetry all in all with a tragic ending that enhances the beautiful content. A pleasure to read.


Ah, the memories, haha.
A Good read this. Amusing and just a little bit arousing.
Well written piece.


I know by instinct that this piece was not written for me(could be wrong though^^)...but I feel touched by it as if it were. Very well done! I love it when you depict the darker side, since you do it very well. I can almost feel that feral sensation rippling just beneath the skin.

The Girl From The Black Forrest

"from the frosen garden anxious star will escape" kanske du vill skriva om en smula? Det låter lite lustigt. "frosen"(frusen?) stavas "frozen" dessutom.

Annars en intressant dikt, och din engelska är mycket bra måste jag säga. Bra läsning rakt igenom.

Får nog be om ursäkt för att jag börjar med kritik, men antog att du ville veta om du gjort en eller två tabbar. Konstruktiv kritik som man brukar säga^^.

Lessons Learned

I like this one. It's rather simplistic, but that is the charm to it I think.

Fire and Ice

scenic, alive and beautiful. As always, an excellent piece of poetry.

The Homunculi

the theories of the old science is very fascinating, especially since the often are on the borderline of myth and occultism.

Soul Caves

excellent metaphor. your description of the soul through inanimate objects is very well written.


intriguing. though I must say that our nightly experiences differs greatly. have you gotten your poetry published?