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The latest comments that Coo & Co has written.


What a delightful piece, Joe. The contrasts in the appearance of the magnolia as winter gives way to spring are very well drawn here. We particularly like the 'Marshalling blossoms' and 'Baronial clock'; and also the dash of romance in the final lines :>)

I Confess

Excellent, Larry. It's fun just to watch things, and we enjoyed watching the things in your poem. Joe's right: it is reflective of a poet :>)

Twelve Haiku for a Tiresome Day

Ooh, very good, Bibek. So much to enjoy here, not least the sparrows, peach tea, apricot blossoms, dandelion seeds, and even the howling dogs. The concise descriptions are very effective and we like the overall mood too :>)

An Ordinary Sunday

Members of Coo & Co admit that a couple of literary references are lost on us (unless Percy B. is Shelley?), but we enjoyed the exuberant mood and creative language of this piece.

Our highlight is 'neat sweets, Keats', bringing to mind the part of 'The Eve of St. Agnes' where Porphyro brings all sorts of treats out of the closet. Yummy! :>)

Soft words from a broken sky

A poem to savour, Elle, with so much to enjoy. We particularly like the description of beating the old rug. Oodles of applause from Coo & Co (-:>)

The Yellow Chrysanthemum

Woo-hoo, bibek. This is indeed very fine, a super-solid descriptive piece. We particularly like the colours and 'I dream of meadows'. Well done indeedy :>)


Yes, that would be very pleasant, Tommo; and this poem is very pleasant too, very refreshing in its way :>)

we are not rooted

Yes, this is very effective, otp. We had forgotten how much we enjoy the shapes of your poems. And the content here is very engaging. Worth re-reading indeedy :>)

Next Door

This is excellent, Larry. You describe both scene and circumstances very well. And we like the details of the gardening :>)


Yes indeedy, Joe, there is much to treasure here.

The repetition provides a meditative vibe and the content is very imaginative. The final two lines are particularly strong, but there are some fine expressions throughout the piece. Our favourite here is, 'Your flashing eyes guard / Tomorrow's fearful gate'. Wonderful stuff :>)

The Fish

PS: To everyone who commented on our poems earlier this year. For some reason, comments have not turned up in our inbox, so we would like to convey our Thousand Thank-Coos here :>)

2-guinea piece

PS: Soft 'G' for Ginny :>)

Splitting Firewood

A wonderfully descriptive piece, Joe. Members of Coo & Co felt very drawn in to this one, experiencing with you the snow, the logs, the axe. And as always we like your rhymes and slant rhymes, and the natural flow of it all :>)


These are interesting questions, Ken. All at Coo & Co particularly like the sound of 'Detect the subplot'. Intriguing! :>)

Tenth Elegy

This is a beautiful tribute to a dear friend, Tommo. Oodles of applause from all at Coo's :>)


Yes, very well written, Joe. Members of Coo & Co would readily take up an invitation to present ease. We like the flow of this poem and the final 'conscious hollows' :>)


Yes indeed, Ken; we enjoyed reading this account :>)

No Longer Chasing the Day Together

All at Coo & Co are very sorry for this loss, as expressed so poignantly here. We are thinking out to you and sending lots of love. This is a beautiful poem <3


Here is another well-expressed piece, Ken. We particularly like your question at the end :>)

Late Night Snow

Yes, there have been similar scenes here too. All at Coo & Co enjoyed reading this concise piece; and we particularly like 'winter muck' :>)

Happy 1st Birthday Oscar

This is very sweet, Elle, especially the 'chortles of cake'. Happy New Year to you, Oscar, and all your family :-) :>)


This is very well expressed, Ken. We very much like the idea of being taken out of glumness. Another excellent piece from you :>)

Culinary Guillotine

Ouchy! Members of Coo & Co wish All Good Things for your injured thumb, Joe :>/

We hadn't heard of this sort of mandolin before; we know of the instrument, though. The first two stanzas here are excellent, making us feel distinctly peckish. We also appreciate the rhymes and slant rhymes, and the rhythm too :>)


Yes indeedy, Ken. A well-observed piece :>)


This poem has a pleasant warming effect, Joe. All at Coo & Co like the format and the imagery. And 'a robin's trill' is especially appealing :>)

She Who Is

This is very interesting, Tommo, and a lot of fun too. All at Coo & Co appreciate the rhymes and slant rhymes, as well as the well-wrought rhythm. We hope you'll enjoy your new book :>)


A very sobering poem, Ken. The imagery is strong and the tone is most melancholy and at times quite wry. A solid write here.

Happy New Year 2021 everyone by Ann Wood

Happy New Year to you, Ann. We wish you All Good Things for 2021 :-) :>)

Trip to the côte

Oops! We lost a few words from our intro. Essentially we wrote this after a spell at a not entirely pleasant poetry workshop. Hoo, hoo, hoo! :>o (apologies; we are rather poorly)

21st Letter

Ooh yes, a villanelle. Members of Coo & Co are fond of the form and feel this is another excellent example from thee, Friend Tommo. We like the rhymes you have chosen, the sprightly rhythm of the piece, and perhaps particularly the 'lyric lark' in the final verse. Coo does a little dance on her perch, to show her appreciation :>)

A Blossoming Hope

This is beautifully presented, Kathy. We appreciate the feeling, the imagery, and of course the neat little rhymes. A tree in our local park has started coming into blossom recently, and we spotted a few snowdrops out too, 'The flowers of Coo', as they are known :>)

Happy 45th birthday to myself by Ann Wood

Woo-hoo, woo-hoo, / Happy Birthday to you! / from everyone at Coo & Co! :>)

[11 Jan - 18 Apr] - 'What's up?' (Update 4)

Woo-hoo, woo-hoo, / thousand thank-coos to you! / from everyone at Coo & Co! :>)

The Days of Scotland

Lastromantichero was before our time too; we shall have to visit his page to read his poems. This is a beautiful piece, Kathy :>) <3

Upside Down

A very entertaining romp, Tommo. 'Sod's Law' comes to mind, if you'll pardon the expression. We too enjoyed reading of the squirrels :>)

Firelight Impasto

This is quite the treasure trove of a poem, Joe, with a wealth of colours, textures, and contrasts to enjoy. We particularly like the word 'pulses'; it seems to draw us closer to the fire and, in this, closer into the poem itself :>)

The Book Rack

Ooh yes, very pleasant, Friend Tommo. Members of Coo & Co like the pantoum form very much, and we appreciate the atmosphere you evoke here. We're intrigued by '(plus Mike)' and we hope you're still enjoying your second-hand books :>)

the last tear

This is beautifully written, Kathy. We too are thinking out to you and sending you our love :-) :>) <3

[01 Jan 2020] - Best wishes

Woo-hoo, woo-hoo,
Happy New Year to you!
and thank-coos for all of your work!



Thank-coos, Larry :>)

We just tried to edit, but the site still isn't recognising the code or the special sort. So for now we've deleted the former and we've substituted the latter with a simple 'e' both times :>)


On first reading, members of Coo & Co read 'similes' as 'smiles', which was not displeasing to us. Indeed, we think a slippery smile is very much in keeping with this exuberant invitation of a poem :>]


PS: In case it is useful, here are two notes for the Editorial Team:

1. Each second and fourth line of every verse should begin not with three question marks, but with three spaces; we used the code,    

2. The question mark in 'mélange' (verse 3, line 1) and 'décored' (verse 4, line 4) should be an 'e' with an acute accent


[01 Nov - 04 Nov 2019] - Welcome back!

Greetings, Team!

Members of Coo & Co draw your attention to a very minor matter :>)

When we first posted our poem yesterday evening, we noticed that our en dashes had been changed into question marks. We edited our text, typing two hyphens in place of each changed en dash, and all was well. In case it's significant, we had copied our poem from a Word doc; the original version appears in Times New Roman, 12pt.

Wishing you All Good Things,
Coo & Co :>) <3

[27 Oct 2019] - Important: PoetBay's moving. We'll go offline 31 Oct

:>) <3

[07 Sep - 19 Oct 2019] - PoetBay's at a major crossroad (Update 7)

Members of Coo & Co express renewed thousand thank-coos for all the work you have taken on to date. Please do not apologise for taking time to try to resolve personal problems. We wish you every success with the immigration process and we look forward to reading the next update, at your convenience of course :>) <3

[07 Sep - 19 Oct 2019] - PoetBay's at a major crossroad (Update 7)

Members of Coo & Co promise to do everything we can to help in due course :>) <3

[07 Sep - 19 Oct 2019] - PoetBay's at a major crossroad (Update 7)

Members of Coo & Co continue to send thousand thank-coos. We shall be happy to help once PoetBay has moved to its new server. In the meantime, we are sending a virtual choccie cake :>) <3

[07 Sep - 19 Oct 2019] - PoetBay's at a major crossroad (Update 7)

Yes, we agree with Friend Ken. A further thousand thank-coos for everything you have done and are doing now to keep the site up and running. Yay! :>) <3

[07 Sep - 19 Oct 2019] - PoetBay's at a major crossroad (Update 7)

Members of Coo & Co express renewed thousand thank-coos for the mini-update. We're very grateful for all the time and trouble you're taking with this; and we wish you progress that is happy and hairy :>) <3

[07 Sep - 19 Oct 2019] - PoetBay's at a major crossroad (Update 7)

Woo-hoo, woo-hoo, / thousand thank-coos to you! / from everyone at Coo & Co! :>)