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Amanda Manmohan

32 years old from Trinidad and Tobago

The latest comments that Amanda Manmohan has written.

Take me to a different sky

a very touching poem, particularly the 2nd stanza, because it gives excellent imagery :) well done.

Inspirational Obeservations (Saga Challenge)

this is one of the most beautiful poems that you've ever written, kathy!!! i loved every single line. it flows perfectly, and i'm sure it's giving lots of your fellow poets inspiration :)

Eyes Horizon

awww alex... this is such a sweet poem!!! it's very sorrowful in all of its simplicity. nice images you created :)

Confessing Up

this write definitely gave me chills.. it's how a lot of us feel, i'm sure. your language was beautiful, making me feel all of the emotions you described. good use of line breaks too :)

Matrimonial Harangue

this poem is so sorrowful and beautifully written. i love all of the images you created.. you really make the reader feel the loss that you feel. well done.


This poem is extremely sorrowful and truthful. You expressed your emotions beautifully here! Well done :)

It Was The Summer of Sixty-Two

This is an extremely chilling poem and I'm happy to know that it isn't factual.. lol lovely write, Kathy.


Simple and beautiful :)

She kissed his face..

This is such a sweet and simple poem about the kind of love that most of us can only dream of finding. Beautiful write :)

Break Me

This is perfection.

Fear , fifth stanza

Lourdes... once again you've managed to stun us all. Amazing write :)

~Causing Me To Quietly Sigh~

This is perfection, Kathy :)

Sweet Seduction

Wow.. such a passionate and powerful write. I was hooked from the first line. Beautifully written, Kathy :) You definitely have a way of making the reader feel exactly how you feel.

Lovely Girl

WOW!!! This poem gave me chills.... if it's true, then you are an extremely lucky girl!! Very simple, to the point, and wonderful. Boys are so confusing.. lol. Nice write.


One of the best haikus I've ever read! Perfect in diction and form, and beautiful in every way.

She's my hero...

Excellent write. I especially enjoyed the second stanza. Well done :)

Every time

Awww kelby!! This is so sweet, I'm so proud of you! You just keep getting better and better. I'm really happy for you :)

Prayer of self

This has very powerful imagery and it tells an extremely sad story. Well done.

Turn To You by M.A.Meddings

Wow.. such a beautiful write. You said so much in so few lines. Well done! :)


A very raw and truthful poem. Lots of life lessons in here if you think about it. Beautifully written :)

What a feeling right?

Alex, this is an excellent write! In such few words you've captured exactly what true bliss feels like. I love it!

What a feeling right?

Alex, this is an excellent write! In such few words you've captured exactly what true bliss feels like. I love it!

True Picture

You are absolutely right. I love the message of this poem. It's beautiful :)

Hard to Reach Dreams

This is a wonderful write. I especially love the lines:

"Only lucky ones pray to
hold on to their realizations."

That one line has so much truth in it. Well done :)

So this is it

I'm so happy for you Kelby :) Nice portrayal of what it's like to be in love. Well done.

Making Love For The First Time

Such a sweet concept which you've managed to perfect. Well done :)

You Can't see Anything Underwater.

Beautiful and haunting.

The kissing of Morgan Le Fey by M.A.Meddings

Beautiful write about the enchanting Morgan Le Fey. Well done :)

Behind my tears (monologue)co- writing with KJC

The last line of this poem is a question that haunts many of us. This poem is extremely heart-breaking, and I love that you expressed such strong and complex emotions so simply. When we meet such special people, we really do have to question our sanity. Well done :)

Life... Begins?

Brilliant write.

There You Go Again by M.A.Meddings

So simple but so effective.. expressed perfectly.

After a Man Named Alex Threw a Bomb--

This is just... mind-blowing! WOW! Well done!

Glow (eternity all around him)

Wow Lourdes... I don't even know what to say... except that it gave me chills and filled me with deep sorrow. Bookmarked :)

Between tears and death

Wow Kelby, this one definitely blew me away. I love it! It's so sad... and amazing in every way. Well done :)

A mix addict

I love this poem's concept... well done :)

Talking Words

I love that this poem seems disjointed at first, but after a second read, it really connects and pulls at the heart of the reader. Very nicely written :)


This is an excellent poem... and I'm not just saying that because the title is my name... I swear hehe. Seriously though, the last four lines are what make it truly outstanding. Nicely written.

I wonder When

Such a sad poem...full of truth though, because these are the same things that run through my head, as well as those of a lot of others. Well done.

Restitution of the Heart

Simple but perfect in every way. Well done :)

Help you Fly

This is so sweet! The first two lines are captivating and definitely the most touching of all. Nicely written.

Watch the Rain (The tears shed for us )

Hey Kelby, you know this was always one of my favourite poems of yours. The entire thing is perfect in every way. I love it :)

A Story of Rose

This is such a sorrowful poem but one with a lot of meaning. I love your comparison of the girl to a rose, and I especially love the third stanza. Well done :)

First Kiss by M.A.Meddings

This poem brought tears to my eyes, partly because of the memories it stirs in me. It was perfect and absolutely beautiful. You described what this feels like better than anyone else could. Bookmarked :)

your beautifull ways!

Very very sweet! I epsecially love the last 2 lines of each stanza. Well done!

Quiet Talk

This poem was so sad, but still very beautiful. Don't feel so lost and alone, there are many here who would gladly do anything to make you happy. Nice write :)

Let it be

This is one of the sweetest poems I've seen so far on the bay! It's so whimsical and wonderful in ever way. Very nice write!

Beslan Angel 186

This poem was extremely depressing but still brilliant. Your imagery was amazing and it was written in a way to really tug at the strings of the readers heart. It's beautiful :)

The Ballad Of Amos and Daisy

Kathy... this poem was amazing! It gave me chills! I especially love the verse you repeated:

you were just you and I was just me.
We're passing through eternity.
We're passing through eternity."

It was brilliant, and your parents were lucky to have such a wonderful daughter. This was beautiful :)


Hey Bekim, I really like this poem. It was well written and I can feel what you felt while I read it because you were so clear with your descriptions. Well done :)

Betrayal. (Acrostic)

I hope that such a horrible thing did not actually happen to you... it's a brilliant poem, but something awful to have to go through. You expressed your emotions blatantly and with ease. Well done :)