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34 years old

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Kabhi Ham Bhi Ishaq Mein Unke Geet The Likhte

Good poetry.

Try publishing your poems in Urdu rather than Roman Urdu.


Enjoyed reading your poem
The rhythm and the flow is so familiar.
I dwell in this ebb and flow. Good one!

So cold!

It is cold because the warmth inside of us is fading each passing day!
The beauty of people and communities, the colour when they bond with joy, love and bliss is rarely seen.
A deeply touching write from a sensitive heart!

PoetBay is 10 years old!

I was here. ☺

Just A Random Thought...

Brilliant! Poem my friend and awesome thought

Feel His Answers... Be Hurt No More!

Congrats dude! wonderful poem!

My Kite Flies High Like Inky Dot In The Sky

Great thought my friend and even greater delivery!

So I Let It Fall Apart!

To create something beautiful we all have to once in a while let it all fall apart only to begin fresh.
Beautiful write!

Your Sin-My Misery, My Guilt, My Shame

An unbalanced society which we unfortunately live in (south asia), breeds hypcrisy, sexual predators, only because the modernization has produced two divergent sets of morals, each at loggerheads with the other, one at home and one outside

Take a second look

'The usual' is what that kills love, ambitions, egotistical endeavours and insecurity bred from past failures.
Lovely write!

Be With Me...

what a wonderful creation of Faiz Ahmed Faiz paas raho.., however the effect(chaashni) in Urdu is just wonderful, really a good surprise to see this poem translated in this forum!

The Never Ending Journey

most wonderful! I like this style of poetry a lot. The rhyme and flow is so smooth and unbound.

Close Your Eyes (Let's Laugh Instead)

sad and a beautiful poem,
Death and separation the inevitable consequence, few pretty moments are all that defines us.


Brilliant! Brilliant!
I loved your poem! The thought and delivery awesome!

Martyr of Mother nation

I perhaps can understand more accurately what this beautiful piece brings forth as I can relate to it myself. Great composition!

For you

the ultimate truth! Beauty! What a gem you have written!

Lost in love

painful to lose! great read

Little Fish, Big Fish

:) Vengeance!
Good Poem! enjoyed it much!
cold as an assassin! :)

The usual.

It is basically a mirror which distorts, a mirror in between love and no love. What is the mirror?
yes It is dry, i didn't want to put in much color.
Thankyou Ivan for the lovely words.:)

Should I be Pale again for You

such a rush of words! a strong dosage of imagery and poetic marvel left me breathless! A beautiful ,beautiful poem!


Our societies are in constant state of friction. The difference between what the Electronic Media protrays and the reality causes this tension, a deficiency of sorts. I can go on and on about things that are not going well specially in my surrounds but all it does is breed more apathy and hopelessness.
Well written poem! thumbs up!

Island Moments

The ebbs and flow of the poem like the waves it describes are as beautiful and as much an abstract of vibrancy as the atmosphere it portrays! Great poem!

Death Speaks

Marvellous! I used to think about the subject. The oblivion ,death, life and the slow erosion that is time. I always thought that there as many worlds in this world as there are those to appreciate it. Every person appreciating this world in his own eccentric manner and in essence creating a world that is unique and different from the others around him. When he dies he takes that world with him. A world that evaporates to oblivion.Beyond this gate what other venue opens is a speculation at best. Enjoyed your poem!

Paupers Palace

You know true love when you see one and this is it!
It shows us that life and happiness is not what your TV says or the lifestyle magazine says.


Thank you Ivan for your compliments about the poem and taking time to think about it.

a fun poem about me!

lolzz...i was expecting the poem to be on very intellectual lines ...and all of a sudden im landed with funny bombshell..

Baby one more time

gr8 tingling feeling in this poem....nice one!

your beautifull ways!

thnx .....im an oldie though back from my med exams


so raw and unaltered thoughts.gr8 write!

Callow Grievance

i loved the intensity ..great job!!

Tremors of Death-Viva La Mama!

i wish i was able express in words wat happened my place but i guess somebody just did.this is one story and numerous others lay burried in heaps of rubble and stone that they once laboured with sweat to build,waiting to be read aloud!


a gr8 one!...its like a gentle walk through ones own self....

jedi poet

not really star wars fan...but the poems i think better than movie..well umm in my case it is! ;)..very good write

Time ceaseless

awwww.man..i totaly overlooked that 'u'..plus yeah i havent actually been through poetry..iam now days though...so those nimble mistakes will disappear

Friendship vs Love

u did a lot for me in this poem actually...same problem i had.now I do think the same.the poem is the first one really that touched my heart.