To my sweet love, with warm regards

33) You are my Gift

When you give me a gift
It's your care I receive not the thing

When you give me a hand
Is the touch that makes a difference in my life

When you ring me and call
I hear your soul that's speaking but not your voice

When you look me in the eye
I see a man so delightful unaware of how black they are

When you walk with me
It's your shadow I seek and ignore my stride

When you hug me as your breathe
It's your perfume am wearing removing mine

When you send me sms
It's my heart that's replying not the text.

When you steal a kiss
My lips are trying to feel it best

Everything you offer is sweet
Starting with joy
Ending with relief

Because I have been waiting for you so long in every dream
And God with his kindness sent you at last my dear

Poetry by Amanda K
Read 1064 times
Written on 2006-12-18 at 06:59

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Christoffer Waye
very sweet text great !

betsy Firefly
If we are willig to wait, what is ours will come to us, for it will, as you state "be sent" by the One who best loves us!

Lucky guy!!

munir mezyed
This is pure love ...Love that makes every thing look differently...
2006-12-24 Moods The PoetBay support member heart!
ah so much affection and loving feelings in this... to have one so cherished in our life makes all the difference to our heart, our existence... i felt it through this, sending me to my beloved... so warm and beautiful... glad you have someone like that in your life... it's the little things and little moments of union like that that just make it so beauteious.... wonderful poem amanada... had me grinning the largest smile in my heart... sigh... thanks *hugs* xx

such a lovely write, very good :))

oh real love here

Kathy Lockhart
beautifully and romantically written Amanda.

Oh My Gosh
You really made my day by this sweet poem
It's bookmark ofcoz
I really like your writing style^^

This poem left me speechless... gave me a memory of my first love...You expressed it so well it gave me Goosebumps (just like all your poems)..
You have a gift expressing your emotions and passion, you are a real poet hearing the soul and not the voice (just blew me away)

Great Poem Amanda!! Keep going

lastromantichero The PoetBay support member heart!
wow this is a beautiful love song for the lucky guy
rgds mike