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30 years old from USA

The latest comments that Ducks has written.

Beware the Lord Skye

Truly delightful to read.
Just read it again and I love the mischievous elements here.
I'd love more of this scene (before or after)

In Lamentation as in Revelry

I absolutely adore your sonnets.
The turn at the end is so we'll put and sums up this piece.
As usual, excellent word choice. I love how you've woven these in.
I think you're showing the need for a revival of this style of writing in both poetry alone and in theater. I'd love to see an extension of your sonnets in a Shakespearean style play.


I simply adore the imagery in this piece. I can see it so vividly and my imagination is on fire with what came before and what comes next.

All Memory of You

Still simply love your word choices
Love the tone of this text

Last Night As I Walked

I love how you use the moon in a very different way. We often think of the moon as a sign for things and I think this is a very unique take on it. I really enjoyed this read. I'm intrigued to think of what happened at the top of the hill.

Hazel Eyes

This form is so simple and sweet to express such lovely ideas. I love the scene you've set and I can see it clearly in my mind's eye.

Sonnet 13

What a vivid scene you've created. Nice read!

don't forget

How true this message!

Quioxtic Night

I love the light and dark imagery in this poem
It really sets a scene
I like how the Don Quixote imagery emerges from that imagery

June Capers

It leaps off the page with the enthusiasm and love of a canine friend. I would also like to have a


with you. :-)

Clouded Altruism

A lovely Triolet (and I agree, they are hard!).

I can see clearly your poor garden. What a tragic image. Hoping for clear skies soon!

Battle Hymn of the Creative Writing Major

Ah the happy return of the Villanelle
I love the form and I love that you've designated it a Battle Hymn. I'd gladly take up my pen and run into battle alongside thee.


I love the rhythm of this. Somehow it feels like running. There's some undulating pulse that reminds me of the early morning run.

An excellent trois-par-huit. I think the form lends itself so nicely to this contemplation.

In the moment before

It is always deeply meloncholy to imagine the world just before great tragedy. There are always little moments of joy and wonder erased by violence and destruction.

Absolutely LOVE the dialogue. It's pure and genuine. Truly wonderful is the mind of a child.

Deeply evocative contemplation on the moment before millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced.

Croc vs Crocus

This title is everything.

The more I read it, the more I love the dialogue and the notion that the creatures in the world around us feel the same sense of beauty at their surroundings. I love that it is speaking TO the crocus as though the crocus might somehow hear him and understand.

Truly a delight,
new meaning with each haiku
leaves me pondering...

Dragging Days

I feel that time does drag harder, especially now, especially during the winter. I love your adjectives. Hopefully new sunrises will come with friends and loved ones, inspiring each new day to begin.

Hard Reset

I love this conceptually. I am compelled by the idea of tearing down a memory and reconstructing in ways that make more sense. So much of the past doesn't even feel real in some regards, with how tied up in emotion, guilt, and misremembering it all is. I hope the walls build up stronger again. Love your imagery.


I love the concept here. It's almost an existential question as to the unidirectional nature of time. I love the idea that a parting could be a joining depending on perspective. It makes me think of Slaughterhouse Five and the aliens that can see the 4th dimension and can see a being's whole existence from birth to death all at once and can understand their whole being. It's so facinating to me to think that an outside perspective view our lives so differently if you view them in reverse or as a whole instead.

Salad Days

There is something about your descriptive words that just makes me close my eyes and see a clear and distinct image in my mind. I love the words you choose to set your scene.

composing lines

I love the way you describe the morning. It's brings me to a place in my mind, a memory, where I am immersed in feeling. Great write!


Love the lilt of this. Such a musical text and boy could I not make it a week at this point haha. Great Ghazal! Very

Creative and
True for
Everyone (or just me?)

Separation: Sestina

Your ability to tackle the Sestina in a cogent way is awe-inspiring. My own attempts have only ever led to free-verse creative writing. I found the imagery enveloping, almost like this was an excerpt from someone's diary, unwittingly writing a Sestina as they reflected on how they arrived at their current location. I'm ready for the next scene. :-)

The State of Grief, One Year Later

Reading your writing, I am transfixed. I find myself sitting at my desk, feelings washing over me. You have such a beautiful way of connecting with your emotions and expressing them in such a way that I cannot help but grieve with you. It brings to mind such wonderful memories and echoes of the past. Thank you for the vulnerability and openness you show in your writing. Hoping to hear more from you soon.

A Study in Spaces

It is almost silent in my room right now.
The only sounds being made are the deep breaths of a sleeping cellist... so this poem was especially striking as I read it. I really like the line "The next empty seat" it really conjures an image... This is delicately sweet and calming. Good write! Write more! Yay for poetbay!


This is SO powerful.
It may be, perhaps, because I recognize the characters so clearly, but this really hits home. Because of the very clear representations, I did get a little thrown off by the shift in Max's character (based on true occurrences) closer to the end, but the whole thing really flows.
I would like to see it performed actually because I think the pauses make so much sense in conversation, but on paper they are hard to understand completely. I did not see the end coming... like at all... I got the shirt sleeves things as an indicator early on, but I didn't think Max would go that far, if only because he wouldn't want to hurt Janie further.
The only thing I might consider would be saying rape less explicitly. I didn't think he would be able to say it. It seemed like he felt much to guilty to be able to say the words out loud and it came off a little blunt.
Other than that this was really gut wrenching... I really like the last line because it plays so much into the idea of Spring, but it makes me a little nervous to see that logical fallacy in your writing. This was so good--I really don't even know what to say any more other than I hope Janie is okay, especially after she finds out about Max because she doesn't need that right now and it might just destroy her too.
I Love you and miss your writing. Please keep it up and let's actually workshop the next time we meet. :-)


tragically beautiful
I found this work to be truly moving in terms of how you slowly but surely arrived at the poem's destination
-I really like "a crippled soul" --brings a very vivid image to mind
--one comment: I have found in my own writing that things flow better if each of my lines hold the same rhythm/number of syllables
Very Good write though. Keep writing!


I really like this...
wow it is 4:33 I should go to bed
but this is awesome
I am glad you feel this way

How glad I
Am that you have
Permeated the
Profound surface of
Yellow and happy feelings.

that made no sense
but it is 4:35 now so that might be it

A Bike Ride

I really like your word choice (diction)
It creates a really wispy tone
but here ends my Higgins analysis
this is really pretty
I like the image

Some Thoughts

that was kinda wordy
I just meant that you made a really cool statement about how we view life

Some Thoughts

I agree: really intense
I really like the images here
I feel as if you two have been channeling your inner

Even though your
Message was
Overwhelmingly dark, it

Kithed a deep
Intrensic fear
Dealing with human nature.

and it turned out pretty awesome.

Tracing Spirals

sweet sorrow....
I seem to say that too much to get that idea across
I need a new way to say that
however, this was very touching
like Morgan said: very moving

No words can
Together to say those
Resplendant (usage? sp?) images
Evoked here by your will.

Do you know just how
Awesome you are?
Me'thinks that you are
Exceptional beyond your own knowledge.


"Please...please love me..."

ummmm how about we just read this for every room we want to give us money?

this is

The most compassionate and
Unbelievably kind and
Caring piece of writing ever
Honed (sp?)
In your pen...
Nothing competes with the
Glorious beauty of a well worded poem.

Easter Sunday.

this is (I agree) heartbreaking
but it somehow just makes me understand it a bit more
I am so sorry about the whole thing but now things are

Beginning to
Enter the place where
This is gonna be ok.
Then we will
Enter the place where we
Realize we are happy.

I hope things are going better.... not sure if that accrostic made sense but ok....

, But

this is very beautiful and very meaningful

So it must be
Invariably difficult to
Past this
Little glitch but
Eventually it will get better.


Summer Fling

I do love a good villanelle
Flings are

Fabulous in every
Unbelievable fun and titlating way that
Never has to lead anywhere serious.

don't know what that was for...
_ _

Autumn Wish

I remember this.
Glad there is no snow now though...
yay Spring!


Clearly you are a
Lovely writer,
Able to capture the
Restfull and beautiful parts
Of this scene.

Unlike any other ________ poem I've
Ever read.

I am in the presence of a great writer.


this is curious
you should run around in circles
burn of some energy...

Awkward Adolescent Adoration

This poem is my favourite

What Are You Worth?

very pretty though
I do like a good sonnet

Random Four-Line Poems V

I am sorry
You will be happier one day
I promise
It will all get better

Scarlet Tears

rather bleak but...

Your poem is
Outstanding and
Uunbelievably great!

Are you aware
Really of just how

Majestically you
Are able to
Zing your message
Into our minds
Near our hearts
Great write!

Just To Let You Know

you are the poet of the minute...
now you have like 45 seconds to enjoy that
this poem is officially one of my favorites
so true
I completely share the sentiment

Winter Hive.

I like this a lot
it is always interesting to think about
the little things in the world that mean so much


I want you to have someone as well

The Feast of Fowl (Metaphor Challenge)

I like this very much
intesting metaphor