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59 years old

The latest comments that Rik has written.

It is only proper

A very well composed post delivering a poignant message which will be cleary understood by many. Enjoyed the read.

Petit ange (Little Angel)

Not one for real understanding of poetry forms. Nevertheless the tenderness of this poem struck me immediately. Conjuring up an image of a mom full of love and hope for her little one. This line especially touched my heart "Je t'aime, petit ange, quel cadeau la vie m'a faite !".


As always your words give pause for thought and set my mind on a journey.

Sitting at the dining table of oblivion
With only thoughts of the past on the menu.
If only it was as simple as to move to
a different table and dine from a new menu.
How precious our thoughts are
how attached to the distortions we become.

A poignant post.
It takes courage to break the cycle.
It takes strength to live with the pain.

My girls

So peaceful and content they are. A lovely picture accompanied by words to match. Thank you for posting, brought a smile to my heart :)

Facts vs. Opinions

A very poignant post. :)

It is a fact that people do not always understand the emotional needs that thier opinions/comments serve. It is also a fact that without facts, opinions and comments could not be broadcast or indeed be posted on this site. That said, it would be nice to escape the facts of reality, from time to time, as there are many people i would wish were only, in fact, an illusion.


This is such a cryptically beguiling post, replete with imagery that teases the mind and emotions. Such a good write.


Funny what can unite people. An asute observation too. He may inadvertently achieve what others have failed to achieve. Like the post.

Silly Girl

How cute she is :)
And yep, a big smile has spread across my face too :)

Pyramids Of Lies

Succinctly put. If only more would realise this truth.

At The Worst of Moments

I often search for words to express what you have done so very well here. Could not do it better. Life can be like a very long walk along a drab and lonely shore line that stretches towards the horizon. On occasions, and if chance is on our side, we stumble across something pleasing to our soul. Little moments but still worth collecting.

that's it

Gives one pause for thought. Well written and enjoyed the read.

You Who Bleed

Words born from a sensitive and compassionate heart. I feel sure your friend will be moved by them. A pleasure to read.

PoetBay is 10 years old!

When I stumbled across the Bay, I felt compelled to stay a while. That while is now a little over 9 years ago! So congratulations and a big THANK YOU, to you the team, for your commitment and dedication to the manner in which you have maintained this unique place called the Bay.

The Bay and all the writers who bring colour and life to its pages have brought me a great deal of pleasure, so may it continue to shine its light into the cold expanse of cyberspace for another 10 years and beyond. :-)

Why The Hermaphrodite Moth Had A Sex Change

Took a while for the rusty old cogs in my brain to get into gear but when they did I could only but smile. LOL

Your beauty

There is a gentleness to your words like dandelion pappuses drifting on a summer breeze. They form such an eloquent recognition for the one who has inspired them.

The spaghetti incident (one among many others)

It takes a very brave heart to give voice to the oppressed silence. To rise above the pain that another's emotional turmoil has inflicted.

I know it can not have been easy to write these words but their is only so long one should submit to walking in the shadows of another's morose. There is only so much love one can invest in hope. Hope that the tide will turn and the dark shadows, cast like a fisherman's net to capture all that stray too close, will dissolve in the mirror of self reflection.

A poignant write which has reached deep into my heart.

I saw you today

A message of few words which tells me a great deal about the writer. So rare to read of selfless love for another. Your words bring a smile to my heart. So thank you :-)


Such tender loving words for a dear little one. As they say the best things always come dans le petit paquet :-) Reading the story of your little queen could not fail to bring a happy smile to this reader. And yes I am sure she would say meow in agreement to being the queen of "her domain".

Childhood Memory

This really is so beautifully and delicately written. Such a lovely childhood memory full of knowing and wonderment, expressed so warmly from the heart. A most enjoyable read. It took me right there into that special moment.

My Mother's One Mutinous Act

Haunting imagery which paints a dramatic scene in a undramatic manner. Very well written.

The Virgin Chronicle

A very well written piece indeed. Drew me in and held me to the end. I feel the piece you have written is both clever and intelligent. Expressed with both a gentle and passionate sensitivity. Exploring the natural emotions of a first time sexual encounter very well. Providing the reader with many moments which they could personally relate to.

Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Poem About a Titmouse

In answer to your question, I guess the form does have some bearing. Certainly for me I could feel subtle differences in the affect between some of the readings. A slightly differing sense of tension, to give one example.

Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Poem About a Titmouse

I loved the poem the images and emotions that it created very nice indeed. I also enjoyed the experience of reading through the different forms. Very interesting to see how the sentiments can ebb and flow differently depending on the form. I think I will bear this in mind in the future when drafting my own words.

All the above is said with the utmost sincerity. In saying that I do hope you have a sense of humour, as nearing the last of the different forms I had a niggling wish that the cat might just nab that titmouse before it crashes into the window again.

Sincerely enjoyed and welcome to the Bay. :-)

My dead love

I sense a touch of gentle sadness in your words as they reflect on the love and loss of a true heart found. I guess only very special memories can bring alive the phenomenon that you have so movingly described. A pleasure to read.


Sombre, gentle, resignation, dignity and love all come to mind when reading your graceful words. May the gentle winds of time help guide both you and your family through the darkness of this moment.

Don't tell him

"falls helplessly in love with his melancholy" never thought of someone falling in love in that way but I think there is much truth in how you have expressed it. Safety can been found in many places of the mind good and bad places. Just make it difficult to reach someone whose lost/in love with melancholy. A heart felt write.

The glow of the morning dew

Succinctly written yet every sentence painting a wonderful image. Enjoyed the read.

What A Socially Awkward Orca Is Called

Didn't see that coming. Nearly spat out my coffee. Thank you for the laugh :-)

[Dec 05 2014] - Your picks for Editors' Choices

Well done and a big thanks to the editorial team for arranging this.

[Nov 04 2014] - Nominate your pick for Editors' Choices

OK I have missed the boat this time but just wanted to say what a great idea. Some wonderful poems nominated too. Hopefully will catch the next one.

*In Worship of Your Beauty*

Truly a magical piece of romantic writing. Really cannot get better than this. A joy to read :-)

What A Drunk Ghost Wailing Sounds Like

That explains it then :-)

Accepting the Unacceptable

Though darkness has cast its eternal shadow on earthly bonds it has and will fail to diminish the spirit of love shared. A beacon to love and friendship that blazes across the void. A beacon sustained, in memory of a loss profound, by a heart without affectation.

Your words address the most difficult of subjects with a tenderness of heart that never fail to move this reader.

Cats at Night (Triolet)

Forgot to say great picture too. Two very content looking moggies. Both looking satisfactorily pleased with themselves.

Cats at Night (Triolet)

All I have to say is "Ab...bbby!". Needless to say brought a huge smile. :D

Featured Photograph

Thank you for the comments really very much appreciated. :-)

Angel of Mine

Words so obviously from the heart and full of love. Very nicely done.

Way Over There In Britain

Well really, what can say? Except I raise my little pinky to you both, as I drink my cup of tea of course :-)


Very well written. The sense of loss, of for the one cared and loved, conveyed with feelings straight form the heart.

the whisperers win

Couldn't agree more with aoelian. Sharp intelligent wit whether in a post or in a comment is always appreciated by me. Nobody wins because Poetbay will surely lose if it becomes intolerant of diversity. Anyway I thought we had long seen the end of witch hunting. Ok pause for thought, since this is a sincere message of support using the analogy of a witch may not be a good idea. But if I have offended I would be more than happy to let you drive a stake through my heart. As long as you can do it with out spilling any blood. Blood just makes my legs wobble. And wobbling around with a stake through my heart. Not cool! Alternatively if you wish to be more gentle with me. Then you could comment on all my poetry. Have to put my hand up now. Since I was feeling a little neglected this was all just a ploy to get you to leave more comments. You see I would count being visited by a Commentally Ill writer as a badge of honour. God I hope I have spelt your name correct. Couldn't manage 2 stakes in the heart. Anyway I would never be offended as I would always lean on the wise and solemn words of my mother. You see she was, still is dare I say, a gay old sole (correction - soul) who could find a kind word for everyone. Even me her scrubby little son. She said son, in a deep voice for affect/effect (take you pick I have given up trying), when you are no longer a scrubby little boy in the school playground always remember that words will never hurt you, stake through the heart yes but words no. Unfortunately mum didn't get out much so she never really heard of whisperers, horse whisperers, goldfish whisperers or any other whisperer for that matter. I mention goldfish whisperers as I tried whispering to mine through a straw, which was a bit of a disaster because I sucked first and he shot across the bowl and impaled himself on the end of the straw. So moving on before anyone reports me, if my mum had got out a bit more and met a few whisperers, over a glass of red wine and a pork pie, she may well have added this caveat to her wise words. My son, again lowering her voice deeper so I knew it was real serious adult stuff, take solace in my words but be careful not to become a whisperer because I have heard that words can cause them great constipation (correction - consternation).

To all those who whisper life is tough enough for us all. So can't we just be like my dear old mum and find a kind word for everyone. Even if they are Commentally Ill ;-) Ok really embarrassing moment, I have only just right this second, got the play on words of your name. No cigar for me.

PS: If you are wondering I gave the goldfish a dignified burial I did not flush it away. Anyway the straw came in handy to hang his little name plaque on.

Wireless and Digital

Wireless and soulless is the digital malaise. Fortunately we have the playful wit of you two guys to keep us smiling.


Wonderful picture and a joy to read.

Ad Infinitum

After reading again. It became obvious that I had missed the duality of the message. The battle engulfs all. Those who live the fight and those who look on with helpless misunderstanding and hence frustration and confusion. I guess there is always two sides to every story. Very well portrayed.

Looking up to the sky from skidrow

The message is poignant and well delivered. Here's to learning to fly again.

Ad Infinitum

As always the battle within expressed with a clarity that can not be overlooked. If only others could see so clearly. Would a cup of tea help :-)

The Large Saucepan Told Me.

The use of the often overlooked everyday routines clearly draws the reader right into the melancholy of the moment. The realisation of loss is all the more heartfelt because of it. Very well written.


Some good philosophical advice here. Trying to learn something from events, no matter how small, most certainly helps to keep ones mine open to understanding of ourselves and of others. And for sure being inquisitive is part of that process. Enjoyed the read thanks for posting.

For your record

Great picture and it fits really well with the imagery created by the words. Enjoyed the read. Thanks for posting


Really enjoyed this. Great flow. The imagery use of how thoughts enter our mind and the race against time to capture them before they evaporate is really well done.

Call me cowardice

Well that sums it up pretty well I think. Thanks for posting.