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Emeka Chike Nwogu

The latest comments that Emeka Chike Nwogu has written.

When Mistakes Make you Stronger

Great and cool text. Smoot and deep. I enjoyed it.
Emeka ?Chike Nwogu

29) Will life without love will ever be Complete?

Life will never be complete without love. Aptly captured.


United we Stand

This piece is true and straight to the point. When we are divided, we are headed to the ground. A wicked fall is sure.

related deaths

If I have a choice, I will runaway and reappear as a saint whose blood will be bitter in the mouth of death. Nice and mournful. Welcome to the Bay!


All the boys loved me

This is flowing with beauty. Why don't you let the cat out of the bag? Thank God, you are wise enough to knwo the window shoppers and the one that your heart truly went for.Simple, but powerful writing.


God Is Abyss!

Do you know that this poem has made my day? God's love is ultimate. What a word? What truth can be better than this! I appreciate it.

The Prayer

I recommend this prayer to every sincere believer and others who stuggle daily to make ends meet. This is straight from the heart. I know that God has accept it.


Without a breath

A good one indeed. Noisy neighbors! They can get on your nerves. Good writing.


This is another wonderful poem from your well-spring. Night is a powerful time to think and analyse the whys of this world.
I am writing a series of poems that has to do with the night. I will let you read them specially when am through. Regards for this offering.


Baby you are very special

powerfully crafted words!

Decision To Make

What is happenning to you. Show up.

Don't call me hey

You have crafted a great poem. Y in hey did not equal funny. What happened? Beautiful poem , though.


19) Where do people go?

This is very inspirational!


New morning

Awesome write. I am delighted with this.
Absolute imagery and flowing language.


The Painted Lake

Awe-struck by this write. Breathtakingly beautiful


Taken for a Ride

Why would a mugger take your bag? Sad !
But, you've had a good life travelling here and there. I suspected they noticed the quantity of cash you burnt on this roller coster journey and decided to strike.
Good offering, my friend.

Lunar Enchantment

This is beautifully captured. Great thoughts and work went into this. Thanks amightily for this offering!


Valley of Fire ~Part 5~

Every fire produces great things. Remember that gold have to pass through the fire to become admired by all and sundry. A great experience you have there inside that cave of problems. Thank God you are better for it.

Valley of Fire ~Part 1~

A forceful voice. A strong and powerful poem.
I need to think about some of the things you wrote about. There surely must come help, my guy. Just relax.

Despair of a heart

Beautifully written. I like the flow.

Life and Death

Aptly captured. If so many people live daily with this awareness, there will be less evil.
We will only think of godly things that will make us be loved and received with an embrace.

As We Sing For You

Good writing screams from this. Keep it up.


I like this one. It reminds of the masqurade that we have way back in the village.
You culture is so strong that it cannot be abandoned.


Your words are like brush of paint on a white wall. Great and grand offering. Welcome

Zoo of love

Wonderful poem. Thanks for visiting.

18) When Darling Comes Back

Come, Amanda this rendition is so perfect that I am dancing and singing as I write this.
Excellence manifest in this. Thanks a great deal for this grand offering!

Miss Love

If indeed love fries your brrain, I beg you have a rethink. Stand up for love my guy. Great comment you made about Canto In Silence. I deeply appreciate it. Thanks, jare.

6th Times The Charm

Let it end in a matrimonial wedlock. Cheers

Whenever I think about you

Love is a tonic that intoxicates!

till I get my way

Till I get my way is a fine piece of poetry.
Great offering, I must say.

15) Death is the only occasion

This is deep. Pungent and straight to the point. I think we need more of these reminders to make our lives to be more shaped.

I'm in love with your brother

This is touching. I read it over and over again. I cannot fault it except for some typo errors.
Please, tell me did it really happen to you?
Thank you for this offering.

What's Come of Them

Splendid, and bravo.

My Muse (Source of inspiration-Saga's Challenge)

This is so pure. You really got the muse working this time!

Where our hour flows ?

Lovely piece. Let it flow endlessly.

You remind me of someone

This is splendid. I love to tone.
Thanks for this offering.

introducing myself

Welcome. Poetry according to publishers do not sell. This is because they say not so many people love poetry. You know, this should not deter you from writing. One day, you will become popular and people will want to read you whether or not they understand poetry.
Anyway, poetry belong to a peculiar class.

A Learning Journey

I enjoyed reading this piece. Keep writing, my friend. It can only get better.

I say thank you

Lovely piece, Zainab. The emotion and tone is sweet. I love the conclusion of the story.

13) Love with different faces

The last stanza is so strong and powerful.
Especially 'waiting for your wave' So strong.
Grand writing.

My Profile ( for all the poets)

Can I say you are beautiful? Indeed you are. I wish your dreams speed to become a reality. You are my sister I have long waited for. Welcome, Zainab. Check my post and you will a little poem composed for you.

170. Poetry enthroned

Poetry indeed remains with beauty and idealism. For sure it will outlast every other thing that has to do urgliness and vanities. Have you taken time to read the Psalms and Proverbs of the Bible? Beauty is made manifest in them.
Keep on writing wonderful poems, I appreciate this one with a big thank you.

Painted Wings

Oftentimes, in our mad rush to decisions without thinking through it, we jump into things that we regret in time to come. This poem paint a picture that is unforgettable.
It means so many things to so many people. I admire your courage and the way you penned it down. Bravo


You write so well, my friend. I like this piece.
Surprising how time flies. Write on.

Burning Love

Brief and beautiful poem. I like it. Keep it up.


What This Is...

This rendition is so captivating. What else
could this line mean? Good writing. Good concept. Keep it up.

"Never say goodbye"

Amazing poem you have written here, Zainab. Oftentimes, it is difficult to say good byes. But there are situations that one cannot help. This one is a grand poem you have written here. Caution though,
Let not your heart die. Live to get another lover. Amusing!

Meet Me in Soweto

You have a way of capturing the essence of any subject matter. This one is a beauty to behold. I like it.


Onyeka, this one is a different voice. I think am beginning to like the concept of your poem. Simple, straight to the point.
Especially the 'pigeon' english you penned this poem with. I will suggest that you expand the poem a little to accommodate what you want 'outsiders' to think about Africa. If Africa 'no dey hungry' what else? Thanks for this freshness.
Regards, Emeka.

Cries in the dark...

I like this very one. The muffled cries in the dark are silently done everywhere. Who can help them come out their hurts. Good write, my friend.