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Thanks for sharing these beautiful moments with your Carol. Blessings.

Night The Rain

Sleep walking in the rain hopefully slipped on some nonslips to spare the spill. Thanks for sharing.

Time to Let Go

Precious expression. Makes me feel that we extend and give and hope even if inside there is a lack of faith that there will be a satisfactory return. What is it to love and not expect love in return, something like that. Thanks for sharing.

Musings #349

Just another day. Quite emotive. In contrast, a day in Sherlock's boring life, LOL... we saw S1E3 last night and thoroughly despised Moriarty. (aside)


Feels like one of those days. But despite the quandary of inner turmoil this verse finds a haven in the hearts and awareness of all that chance upon it. It appears that in our connection with others, however momentarily, there is a shining moment that bears testimony of there being good in this world, that glistens against in contrast to the madness we of late have found ourselves in. The maddened world does not tarnish the value and essence of your person. It may be titled 'extraneous' but it feels essential. Here's to better days ahead. /Rik.

Playing in the rain by Ann Wood

There is a strength to be had to keeping aflame that memory and feel of (being) children playing in the rain. Thanks for sharing.


wink - wink
was that a blink?
were we to think
we've more to drink?
wink? wink


there is a depth of truth here that will escape the typical mind.

Perfect Solution!

Excellent! I've always wanted to have one of these. And this one got quite a jubilant poem for itself too!

The song of simplicity

"But do not I-dentify with these" brilliant! All the poem comes to this for me. Thanks for sharing.

On a Flight to Las Vegas

Sad how we as a race have mismanaged and manhandled the resource and potential of terrestrial living. Sometimes I think Charles Dickens was right to smear parchment with searing ink.

Musings #328

Same, formatting has been a demon on online composition from day one. Perhaps one day it shall be resolved.
And yes, taking it on the chin is sometimes the only real thing to do. Here's to many more years of flatulent cerebration. Cheers. /Rik.

Musings #327

Another 38 musings and you will have one for every day for a whole year; 39 and that would cover the next leap year day. When the absence of a person makes the travel home life becomes a varied scene as long as we keep moving. Thanks for sharing. /Rik.

Walk through your destiny

In doing we see! A perfect thought and motion.Thanks for sharing.


Reminds me of a juvenile readers book we used to read 'Bunnicula, the vampire rabbit! But fish! That is quite a concept- pescatarian vampire. I'm thinking your friend will like this poem!

Hakuna matata

This is tender and strong in its delicacy. And what a wonderful friendship that sees life with no worries. Thanks for sharing Sean Ryan. Much enjoyed. /Rik.

A minor

So like music 🎶 to the ears. Thanks for sharing. /Rik.

at the vineyard

It took a while and may require much more and revisited again like those large acre sized formal gardens. Loved what you've done with the space bar and the dropped capital 'i's, which have also figured in particular poems I have written. Thanks so much for sharing!

The Moon

This poem ushers in a non-conceptual awareness as it gave a calm and downy feel being read aloud, the words washing through, past consciousness into feeling. Thanks for sharing. /Rik.

Poet's Overture

That really seems to be the way it goes. The process of creating poetry is vastly removed from the process of replying to poetry on the internet. Thanks for sharing.


Tough when relatives are like this, close ones at thought. Yet we keep our end of the deal. A love unreturned but strong is a genuine love, and sometimes it's the heart that gets fatigued. Thanks for sharing.


Amen! Having an illness is indeed poison not only to the physical parts but it does something to the mind, having been ill far too many times throughout my childhood and later on in adulthood, this has been a constant ailment - and to be freed of it, that is pure joy. Thanks for sharing, Sir Alan.


What a way! Of having all necessary words sent across and spoken. If only that can be always a reality. So hopeful and freeing. Thanks for sharing.

Where To?

Yes, indeed! The lockdowns of the past two years or so have created more homebuddies than ever there was. Thanks for sharing. /Rik.


Thought about that often enough. It may indicate that we have a continuing desire to see them even if 'tomorrow' never comes.' Or something like that; it's still an incompleted thought. See you today, feels like we will never be parted. Thanks for sharing. /Rik.

Put Away Your Pen

When the "pen is put down" if can feel like losing poetry at a criminal rate but realise hopefully not too late that it is at those times that we live and breath in poetry and the 'larger' poem of life. In reality this cannot be contained or reflected in all their aspect and beauty by mere words. But either way, we make do, pen up or pen laid down. In my heart, every day warrants poetry if I see that every day is poetry, droll or otherwise. And sometimes my poetry serves "to tarnish its sheen." Masterfully expressed. A joy to read and mull over, Lawrence. Thoroughly enjoyed. Thanks for sharing. /Rik.

Musings #319

The desire doesn't always resemble the outcome. Such is life. Not to want to drive into a swamp is a healthy motivation of living. Loved the development of the E/R stanzas - poetry to therapy, living in a welcoming community and to be sacrificed at the altar of double shifts. I literally fell ill after a few consecutive double shifts and was threatened with abandonment of duty if I didn't. It was beyond me how someone else's shift was my responsibility once mine was over. LOL. and as for Ikigai, it must be best to find it where we are at. Reality here- went to Japan. Nope. None of them seem to have achieved ikigai as well. And quite a few don't even bother with seeking it. This was a meaty musings... waiting for #320... Thanks for sharing.

Something New

We do go through a few of these 4am/11pm moments. At least some of us do, Earth moving and always coming back from being out of the way. Thanks for sharing and wording up. It's been forever. /Rik.

plain language

oi vey... that may be so to the poetic persona. I would find it a bit too creepy for my liking to be approached like that. LOL. Putting the music on is so cliché. Very well put together OTP. Really made my skin crawl. I remember past days when I had to make a quick escape plan when things got awkward. Powerful expression. /Rik.

Yes, thats the one.

Some songs, quite a few of them actually, do affect us that way. And music figures in many if not most social gatherings or even by our lonesome. Thanks for sharing.

My Days

What a holographic existence! Pure pleasure to read. Thanks for having shared.

Past Is Now

This poem breathes in its own allure. Somehow like it has happened before in the future but already ground broken in the past. Today is yesterday too soon. Thanks for sharing. /Rik.

Who, when, where?

"It hurts to know my mind is going." Indeed, memories that are meant to have last forever have been found out to be slipping and fading. Perhaps writing down what remains may somehow abide. Like that movie, The Notebook... What movie? What notebook? This speaks so much to what majority of us face and are facing. Thanks for sharing.

Baby Boomers

Insightful and painful, I imagine for those who sit and are the powers to be. Each generation is pristine or irreparably flawed unto itself, and the meeting of the two and even three fills life's grand menagerie. Thanks for sharing. From this first batch of the X-ers, which means, my moulding is predominantly Boomer. A fly involuntarily stuck on the generational wall. LOL.

Nine Haiku

Love how this is strung along to a theme. Their souls are entwined to each other. Makes for a solid impact. Thanks for sharing. /Rik.

Secrets Are Good Untold

The first and last stanzas powerfully sandwich this poem. And the part about truth being under the skin and that stories are never-ending before they are told - such majestic thoughts. Thanks for sharing.

A Piano Love Affair

Yes indeed, it is very much like falling in love. Awesome poem. Thanks for sharing Sameen.

The River

Wow. Our spirit isn't merely the sum total of these elements, plus but we are all of it as well. Wonderful poetic exposition. Two thumbs up, coz all I've got is two. Thanks for sharing.

Underground Children

Amen. The politicking going on around to line the purses of the few leaves lives ruined and seeded misery for the coming generations of those that will survive to tell the tale. Thanks for sharing.


With a ladder, yes indeed... but a duck, shall be crushed even from under a heavy toddler's weight. Would it that we would roll off a duck like proverbial water? My next expedition, thanks to this poem will be to spy on fireflies fishing and make sure to note their fishing rods, should they have them. Or do they catch with nets? Thanks for sharing, Alan. /Rik

Love Pollution

"And everyone will start to care" Love's battlecry! Thanks for sharing this fluid and melodious poem. Much appreciated. /Rik


Even for the most advanced of primates, walking in balance seems to be the most challenging of tasks. It takes so little to tip us over and so much to bring us back to equilibriuml... perhaps this is why poetry still breathes and lives today! Thanks for sharing.


Not wanting discouragement or insinuation and defintiley abhor innuendo... sounds like a nonverbal gaslighter. And always, always the dust... they reproduce like rabbits.


beauty in least expected go-to's... very powerful composition of poetry!

Wee Portrait

Foreboding but enticing to contrast such images, causing one to wonder if there be an 'auld lang syne' and a warm spot for the first visitors, yet it is a work of art, a pièce de résistance, if there ever be such. This portrait says little but shows so much. Power packed and filled! Thanks for sharing.

The Gift

The flow of words and the truth of its reality entwine together and bring to life not just a memory but more. This month is my 'mawmaw's' birth month, she passed on last month 11 years ago. A very apt reading that bridges a very personal life experience for me. Thank you.

Pilloried penance.

as botanical tendrils stretch skyward
toward slivered rays of speckled sunlight
a longing for the simplicity of an all but
forgotten yesterday, tucked within
a breastplate that advances forward
today is all that is left, salve of former
melodies, always incongruous against
dissipating tomorrows, here and now
a flight of cranes in blinding light


a knife>with a thumbloop?
A daunting image if she were pass on before myself.
Much food for thought. And find myself staring, still...


a knife>with a thumbloop?
A daunting image if she were pass on before myself.
Much food for thought. And find myself staring, still...

Dear Reader

More's the pity as we are meant to have spellcheckers, proofreaders and editors.... but oh no... if thou be found out to be dyslexic or lacking in some way then an automatic rejection shall you get...