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a VERY brief history of metalica,

formed in 1981 released the album kill'em all in 83... 1984 they released ride the lightning... in 1986 while touring with their latest album master of puppets their bassist cliff burton was killed in a tour bus accident he was replaced by jason newsted...in 1988 they released the album and justice for all this earned them their first music video with the song One... 1991 they release their selftitled album it has shorter songs and appeals more to "non-metal heads" most notably the song enter sandman... in 1996 the album load is released but so many songs were recorded they were able to release reload in 1997...1998 they do a tour with the california symphony orchestra combining classic music and metal, the last night of the tour was recorded and released as an album... 1999 they produce a 2-disc album of covers by bands that inspire them to play music...2000 jason newsted leaves metallica after falling out with them over his side project echo brain... 2003 the album st.anger is made with the producer bob rock on bass the same year the former bassist for ozzy osbourne robert trujillo is asked to join metallica with a 1 million dollar advance to show theyre serious... 2008 death magnetic is released the first album with rob playing on bass, the album blew critics away... metallica are currently touring the world entitled "world magnetic tour"



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