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Amy Buchanan

48 years old from USA

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Bloody Flies!

Your poem reminds me of what I went through last winter. These little black flies came in with the plants I brought in from outside. All winter long they were landing on my plate, my computer, and on the television screen. They even flew up my nose a few times. Thank you for sharing a bothersome problem most of us eal with.

A Precious Secret

Wonderful message, nature never gives up trying! I had a robin nest on my porch one time. I watched the babies for three weeks and then they were gone. I hope a cat did not kill them also. Thank you for sharing and I enjoyed reading this.

The Dragon

Wonderful words! I can just imagine this dragon. My brother likes dragons, although he likes the medieval kind not the Chinese kind. I like them too but not as much as my brother does. Thank you for sharing this poem!

Wings of Poesy

So beautiful!!! I love the language. I love the last lines the best. I want to bookmark this.


I agree whole heartily with your words, humans need to learn more from nature. Humans need to be more like bees giving instead of taking. Wonderful words, thank you for sharing.

Timeless Rose

Thank you for sharing, I agree roses endure time. They have been cultivated for thousands of years. I think thousands of years from now people will still have a passion for the beauty of roses. So well put.

Curious Rose

Good work, I love the title. Roses are my birth flower, so they are special to me. Thank you for sharing.

Kids Who Are Different

I love this poem it is touching. I was considered different as a child. I was sickly and shy. Because I sometimes liked to keep to myself I was mocked. Even though I was mocked I always knew there was nothing wrong with me. Thank you for sharing.

Animals In Need

This poem is so true! The children that are born today will not have the pleasure of seeing some animals because they will be extinct soon. I always remember the story of the passenger pigeon. Thank you for writing this poem.

Little Stuffed Teddy

This touched my heart. I have a stuffed cat, Tom( Tom and Jerry cartoon). I got him when I was 5. I have had him for 29 years. I can not let him go. When I was a kid I would bring Tom with me every where. The stuffing came out of him once when he was washed. I bawled my eyes out. My grandmother picked every bit of stuffing out of the washing machine and dried it and then restuffed Tom and sewed him up. Why is it that there is one thing from our childhood that we can never get rid of even when it is dirty and ratty? Thank you.

When my cat came for tea

Very cute. I am glad the tea was cold and not hot so your kitty was not scalded. Once my cat jumped on a open container of stick pins, but she did not get any in her feet!

Beautiful Butterfly

Good poem. I love butterflies!

ice cream

Your poem makes me drool. My favorite ice cream used to be cookies and cream. Then I tried Perry's Panda Paws and that became my favorite. The richer, the better. I love squirting chocolate sauce, butterscotch syrup, and loading maraschino cherries on my ice cream.


I understand a little about computers. My younger brother is the one who taught me to use a computer 7 years ago. He is a computer genius, I will never know as much as him. He is my computer technical advisor. I still call him if I have a computer problem I can not solve on my own. Good work!


I love this poem. All my books are friends also. Some of them I have read over more than a dozen times. My favorites are Strange Stories, Amazing Facts published by Reader's Digest, copyright 1976 and The Lincoln Library, two volumes published in the 1960's. These used to be my grandfather's books and I would read them whenever I visited my grandparents. My grandfather passed away when I was 15 and my grandmother gave me those books. I love those books more because they are a link to my grandfather. I think one of the best uses of our time is reading books. Thank you for the poem.


I have lots of books also. A few of my paperbacks have covers missing or the pages fell out and had to be taped back in. I love my books also and would not part with them. Thank you for the poem!

Chocolate Covered Cherries

Yeeees! I love this poem. I am addicted to chocolate covered cherries. They are my favorite candy besides Cadbury Eggs. I can eat 12 or more in one sitting. I even have a recipe to make them but I have not tried the recipe yet. I would like to buy 50 boxes and put them in the freezer to eat all year long. Thank you for writing this poem.

144. Nature

Your words sum it up all right! Some humans think that their marvels of engineering are so fantastic. Almost anything created by humankind has the potential to be destroyed by nature. Scientists still do not understand all the mechanics of weather. Very thought provoking text.

Wonder about Life

I love the analogies in this poem. I like the first verse. I love hotdogs but I prefer mustard on mine. My favorite colors are pink and blue. I think this poem is zippy. Nice write!

All Are Poets

I agree with all your words. All poets are in a class by themselves. Excellent!

Dreams and me

A excellent write. Dreams are what make me a writer also! I daydream also, more often when I was a child. Keep on dreaming!

Life is a precious gift!*(For All)

I feel the same way about life. I believe all life on earth is the greatest treasure, having more value than riches such as gold. The "Greatest Treasure" is the title of my book of poetry on Amazon. I wish every single person on Earth felt the same way you do in your poem. When I was fifteen, I almost died three times from a severe asthma attack. I struggled each time to live. Because of this my life is very precious to me. I believe your poem needs to be sent to every person on Earth, if that were possible!

Rhythmical clouds

A very good text. I love clouds also. I am interested in meteorology and I have learned to classify the different cloud types in the sky. I love your use of the word jangle, I think it is a neat sounding word and I have used it in my writing before. I like your excellent spelling. I am a terrible speller and have to constantly refer to a dictionary while I write. If computers did not have spell checkers I would be lost!


Love the word phantasmagoric. You write excellent poems about nature. I also love to write poems about nature. Years ago when I was fifteen, I saw a severe lightning storm that produced green, red, yellow, and purple colored lightning bolts. I have never seen lightning like that since. It was so neat! Keep writing poems like this.


Your poem describes the Earth to a T. Thunderstorms always fill me with awe. I have never seen a tornado, I believe that tornadoes are one of the greatest examples of the Earth's power. Some people do not respect the Earth's power. Your poem shows why they must.

You can't fake a beautiful day

Love this poem! I believe nature is a precious gift that cannot be replaced even by the imagination. You can imagine what the ocean would look like. To actually see and experience the ocean is a treat. Photographs are a poor subsitute to experiencing nature first hand. I have seen in some yards artificial flowers stuck in the dirt or in pots on porches. What is the deal? I rather have the enjoyment of real flowers growing than having fake ones in my yard. I love the use of the word "genuine". Everything in nature is genuine. This poem would be a good slogan for those who need a vacation badly.


Excellent poem.Some people in this world need to practice empathy. Things would not be such a mess. Maybe the people who murder, cheat, and steal need to read poems like yours. Perhaps, reading poems about empathy would not change their attitudes. It would not kill them to read the poems!

Three Spoit Cats.

I love your poem. It sounds like you have three lovely cats. You can never spoil your cats enough because someday they will not be there to spoil. My little tortie Catrina died on Sept 4th, 2006 suddenly. I wish she was still here for me to spoil. She loved vanilla pudding, I could never refuse her a little lick of it. She would stare at me until I got near the bottom of my pudding cup, waiting patiently for her share. I think cats are an inspiration for poetry. I have written a number of poems on cats that I plan to someday publish in a book.

Freeze Burn

I believe too that your actions sometimes have lasting repercussions. We should always be careful how we treat people, especially our relatives and friends. Think before we say anything and think before we act. If more people followed this adage the world would be a better place.