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Lady Courtaire

The latest comments that Lady Courtaire has written.

Waking Thoughts

I like this poem, and I'm fascinated by your use of the word "caprice." I almost feel as though you could elaborate upon the scene with a few more rispetti? (I'm assuming that's the plural...)

Melody on the breeze

Love this, especially the unanticipated (and delightful) turn at the end. You've done wonders with a difficult form.


Precise, impressive. Great poem.

Surrounded by sounds of family and friend

Love the musical lilt to these lines! "Surrounded by sounds of family and friend" is such a pleasing refrain.

You've done a great job capturing that out-of-body experience that mysteriously arises from time to time in the midst of merriment, where all of it suddenly seems so pointless. What a relief those moments are almost always fleeting, as you've described here - easily banished by the joy of our loved ones.

Lovely rondel!

up early on a day off

Yay haiku! (I had fun imagining the waves as righteous, fair-minded, upstanding sort of waves. "Just" waves...I'll see myself out.)

Tears from a Painful Love

You know how I feel about kyrielles. Really impressed that you've managed not only to write one, but to work it out so that the final iteration of the repeated line is grammatically distinct from the others. Nice job!

On boarding an airplane

Always love your haiku sets. (A certain MiVidaDeEpilogos used to call them "haiku suites," which I've taken to doing as well.) Very Jonah and the whale indeed, this flying business.

This waking life is but a dream

FABULOUS. You've crafted the turn at the end quite well, and I *love* that parenthetical: "the cause or the effect of what now fails/since thoughts like these show we are truly blind." Would love to read more of this scene!

A thoroughly chilled minute

Love this concept! I'll stay away from the boiling day, though.

There's calmness in that waking hour

I'm truly impressed by your grasp of pantoum; you weave them together so deftly. A serene and lovely piece.

Mauna Kea

Love that you're directly addressing the mountain here. I've missed your haikus!

the uppermost leaf

"Uppermost" was the perfect choice. Love this.


Love the imagery here. The likening of the whelk shell to a fortress is effective and well-presented; I particularly enjoyed "I have pinced my kingdom close, Scavenged and cleaned, nurtured and reprimanded." Well done!

''Rose,'' A Double Triolet Poem

This seriously touched my heart. I find the triolet to be an incredibly difficult form, and you've handled it brilliantly. The lines flow and trill as sweetly and harmoniously as the muse and her name. Thank you for this.

Lightly Sauteed Feelings

Really dig this whimsical yet gently poignant concept. Nice work!

A Feast of Fears

Absolutely love this. I find pantoums to be incredibly challenging, and I think you've handled the form impressively well.


This got a wry chuckle out of me. Quite an effective and realistic persona you've crafted here. We've got a mayoral election coming up with an incredibly crowded field, and I feel like I've heard more than one of them use this rhetorical device against a competitor. Well done!

The story of one lucky man translated by Ann Wood

What a fascinating story about a truly extraordinary life! Thank you for sharing it. I had never heard of Mr. Selak before.

Wisecracks and sunburnt skin

Such a deeply intimate, achingly lovely vignette. <3

Stopping at the beach on a postmodern afternoon

I LOVE the way you've chosen to break up this stanza; it works so well with the rhyme scheme and the flow of the poem. Also appreciate the Frost homage in the title. ;) Ah, to be lying on that beach with you!

I have by Ann Wood

I absolutely LOVE the concept of "sun souls." Keeping our internal light going is vital to our continued stability and happiness. Beautiful write!

Becoming Human

I absolutely love this; your own wisdom and unconditional regard for those around you shines through. "Overcoming instinct to become human" is such a powerful thought in its simplicity.

(I don't recognize the form; is it one you've invented?)

Skating (A Triolet)

Beautiful! I'm really impressed by how much comfort and warmth you convey in a poem with so many cold-associated words. Wishing you and Veronica a very happy skating reunion asap.

Fill My Bowl

Ooh my taste buds are singing along with this delightful poem. Fill mine too please!

Uranus, The Magician

Such an enchanting image you've woven, deeply evocative in the simplicity of its language. Encore!

A turtle or something more sinister...

"Perhaps [insert apex predator here]" could become a whole series...

LOVE how the incomplete haiku at the end leaves us hanging. Very uncomfortable and in keeping with the overall uncertain vibe of the poem.

" " (or "fuck off, APA") [a haiku]

This one made me snort laugh. I love it.

student-teacher feedback [a haiku]


why do so many would-be teachers fail to grasp this concept.

At this juncture

Wow. I could see this scene playing out as I read the words. Powerful and wrenching.


This is a lovely, haunting piece about an all too relatable feeling. Here's to brighter, noisier, gathering-filled times in the (hopefully) not too distant future.


What a fun word! Thanks for sharing!


I am

This is gorgeous, and it rings true to this day. I especially love "I am music, seeking resolution," but honestly every line is great.

Still, Still (A Triolet)

This is so sad and so beautiful in its simplicity. Triolet: what a lovely, delicate form. I don't know that I've encountered it before. It's a perfect vehicle for this lonely and heartbreakingly relatable piece. Thank you for sharing your voice.

Loved & Pampered

They absolutely do, and they're lucky to have a human who takes such good care of them (and who writes such lovely poems about them). Thank you for sharing.

Days of Difference

"that my skull weighed heavily/on a brain that wanted to be/empty"

These lines will stick with me. Lovely work.


Love a ghazal and *love* a poem that takes a strict form and has fun with it! This was an absolute delight to read.

Separation Anxiety

feeling this deeply today, and every day in these strange destabilizing times. beautifully expressed.