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32 years old from Sweden

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A Mermaid In A Starry Sky

Beautiful! Lovely flow and rhythm.

We Were

Beautiful, sad, alluring.


Nicely written. I like summer dew too :)

on religious bigots and on god, a rant

brainwashing corporation... scary I think.

The Crimean Shores

: ) it was a bit similar. I like it, beautiful moment described.

a day.

this insight is where you end up after a lot of time wondering and questioning.

finally, you see it's just best to let it be.
just live, and see.


z this is beautiful. and somewhere on a cloud your grandpa is looking down proud over you for writing this wonderful poem and for being who you are. I'm here if you want to talk.

from millbank, on.

I like this z.
dreamers need fellow dreamers to help accomplish their dreams.

an elegy of sorts.

busstops they're full of inspiration I promise : )
but sometimes you just have to take a pause and then puff the pen will fill up with ink all on it's own.


I like this z.
a meaning.. yeah.
is there a meaning in the very end?
or maybe just meanings for the moment..
miss talking to you!

shortcut; stop


something just broke

this is very creative. I like it. No thoughts are spelled out, it's very open for personal interpretations.

I like:

god (who is that?) --
i'm [(sh...)] so numb.

"i need a light."

[and with the nicotine,
everything else is illuminated]



rain, tears - painful but somehow pure and therefore beautiful.
I'm sorry they had to leave.. you can still meet them again, though, and that's always something.

great poem z.


this is really good. all the things I constantly wonder about.

"i cant imagine not being able to think"


"for life would be meaningless with no ultimate questions to answer"

I love this poem.



it's true. the walls protect the firey (if that's a word) feelings inside. but the feelings show to the outside somehow. but maybe not always as the fire they are, but more as the faded and manipulated expression the wall turns them into.

again, I like your poems.


tormented souls crush into cliffs as they search for not found understanding.

I like this poem.


october skies

I just read this again and

"scratch it out,
change the words
so we don't upset them
(censor this thought)
nobody needs to know"

is very well written and I know this feeling.


(last sunday: eighteen candles) rob's challenge

written as reality, but there is underlying magic.

nice poem.


The Museum of Depression

I know this feeling. and when in it, hope is the only thing that can save. it's hard to kill the demons though...

wonderful poem, about something real, though scary.


it's been snowing inside our heads lately, but we seem to like it so I guess everythings alright

fan va bra. jättebRA.

"and it's the waiting that kills
you know
it shoots you in the head"

smart. sant.

Roe Deer


I really love this.
beautiful. never seen words written like this.

"You will find a roe deer leaned
on the poplar tree
in the same river,
and a fairy tale."

nice ending to a lovely poem.


I want a simple life too.

understanding, love and true happiness.
that's all I wish for.

I like the image you paint here.



and yes a young heart is vulnerable, deep and innocent. can easily get hurt. but, still people say that you should stay young at heart..

maybe the only true love and happiness can be achieved when the possiblity of being let down is there.. you have to open the whole heart, in order to be able to take in everything.

coffee and whiskey

this is great z. I like the atmosphere you paint. I especially like:

"he smokes on his porch,
in a seedy hotel called broken dreams,
while drinking something toxic

[add some to the fire]"

in our sober and realistic haze.. nice ending.

I have to watch the documentary.


character analysis

I love it!

all the thoughts we've had these past weeks put down into one nicely written poem. I feel the confusement and frustration.

I like the most:

our hearts beat strong under fictitious skies..

so true. for all of us it seems. great poem, z.


the key

I know this feeling only too well..
the famous wall.... it protects, but only the fake world inside. One nudge from outside and it crumbles. It's hard though, because usually the wall is built up unconsciously, but at least when you're aware of it you can work on it. but to see reason to work on it is hard, since there is so much pain that can come from getting rid of the wall. Though I guess the only true happiness can be achieved without the wall as well. So I guess you've got to be brave. But it's hard.

very nice poem.

got to breathe

thank you, z. I loved this.

At least we're scared together. Fantasy, reality it seems like the same thing now, but I hope we will be able to take our first real breath. I wonder what the real air will feel like? But maybe it will just be another fantasy that starts of already filled with ash from the past.. or can reality ever become nice?

beautiful poem. book marked!


reality beckons

this is really good.

I guess many people live in their heads, or in their own made up world. it's easier I guess, escaping from the unknown, threatening, painful truth.

october skies

when individuality goes away and everyone become a collective mass, everything becomes the same and that's just grey and boring.. don't know if that was what you meant. But the whole 'censor this thought', there's no them or they just us, and the grey blood , just seemed kind of communism-ish .. but maybe that's just me.

Young superman...

Yes, the older we get the more we close our eyes to the world. we forget to wonder, question, observe, fascinate over the extroardinary and see the unfair. I don't want to grow up. Not in this world.

great poem, I love it!
smart with the superman theme and everything. really good. : )

And behold!

I connect with your feelings, I like the way you write. The times of wonder, the shores of wisdom, the beauty of the stars.. I know what you mean.

Little lights

that must be a wonderful feeling, so opposite of loneliness.. I wonder how it feels.

ane brun has a song called little lights : )


wonderful, beautiful, true.

Another night

maybe the dream is actually the reality and our reality is just the dream.


I know those walls.. seeming to protect, but taking you further and further away from reality and the truth and real happiness.. but they seem like such an easy way. But I want to see the colours outside..

one less than zero

I feel the despair, helplessness, meaninglessness, loneliness..

but you're not alone, many feel like this.

very beautiful poem.

crazy beautiful or beautifully crazy.

this is cute, dare!

fruitcake lunchbox.

I like it. I weirdly think I understand a bit of it. it's alive and confusing, like life itself.

The fall

wow, this is really great. I love your writing style, very creative and individual. I like the way you use the layout together with the words to paint pictures in my mind.

Letter to Theresa

very beautiful and creative poem. me like!


true true.

where is the world going now? and why is everyone standing watching, doing nothing. hm.

'holy hell! yeah, that's the address'

hehe, ironic but sadly true.

'let the waves roll in, roll on by
where are we going now? '

is a very nice ending to a poem for our time.

2:41 a.m.

zachary!! THis is THE best poem I've ever read! I love it! It feels like it's my thoughts and words, I really connect with it.

I love the

café inspirations
at a table of bohemian
revolution dilutions


character analysis
personality dialysis
same thing, same time


where is that boundary,
between fiction and reality?
i mean, you promised this was real

the whole poem. It's just really nice : )

first when I read it it felt like you were just sitting at a café, being in your own world thinking, analysing stuff life. but then it felt like you were sitting there being stood up? but, now I'm not sure. but I love it, because I love cafés and just the whole feeling in this poem. and the title and end is very smart.

long comment, great poem : )

The beautiful, wonderful...

åå så vackert. så skört och fint. jag vet inte, men på något sätt tyckte jag mer om den på svenska, även om den var jättefin på engelska också. det sköra och sårbara kom mer fram i den svenska tyckte jag.
jag känner igen känslan, ett ögonkast som säger allt, och lika snabbt som hjärtat börjar slå snabbare när blickarna möts, lika snabbt är det över. jätte vackert.

English is the main language in Sweden

hehe . litta kul.

wishing for the leaves to fall

I like this poem.

I wish for a leaf to fall too. I think everyone does, if they don't already have a leaf in their hand.

The picture you paint is very vulnerable and beautiful.

heart attack

I really felt the feeling when I read the poem. It accelerates and goes faster and faster and suddenly there's an abrupt end and everything stops.
I feel like this sometimes, I think I know what you mean.
You brought out the feeling very well.

Guitar Tuning Blues

me like!

is it a song? cause it feels like there is a melody to it. very nice, a bit sad. I like the last verse very much.

Your Smile

this is nice.

there can be so much magic in a smile, especially in the eyes of a smile.

me like!


ojj oj. this is really good.

like the soft whisper of toxic rain and everything. the first verse, second, no the whole poem. it's just so true. and
I'd hate the backstabber, if the dagger were not my own is so ironically true in my world ..

I really recognise the feeling in this poem.. nice one!

I long for the past

peter pan feeling. I never want to grow up.. miss the days when my biggest problem was that I didn't want to go to bed. now, often, all I want to do is go to bed and hide under the covers..

I like the poem, feels kind of ironic with all the joy and happy stuff now when you're older, but I do miss it. and I guess it still exists, sometimes.