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Leif H T Strand

63 years old from Sweden

The latest comments that Leif H T Strand has written.

Like Clockwork

Nice writing!


Very nice writng. I hope that you will be around the corner for my incoming texts. Just a little bit busy at this moment. Hug, Leif

Inner Reflections

Modern. Accurate. You could use 5000 adjectives to describe this poem. I prefer good.

27) This is the End of you

Nice. More than nice. The poem, that is.
Nice. More than nice. You, that is...

Gall bladders

He he he! Funny and sad at the same time..

17) (((Fantasies)))

I also know, how it is to be "killed twice"!
You have captured those feelings well in this poem!

Fake Love

You show signs of thinking.
Good work from a youngster.
I also see the postmodern stile you are using with no rimes and a poem looking almost like the protest songs in the late 20th century.
Keep on the good work!

Lessons learnt from life

This is something anyone could hear one's grandparent's say in a week moment.
Words of wisdom, so to say.
The rimes are not perfect from time to time, but the messages sound loud and clear for the readers. Congratulations to a good poem, eventhough it needs some finishing.

My Buddy and Me.

Funny and revealing

16) My Lovely Students That I Will Never Forget

Nice "Thank you" in this poetic way. I Know the feeling since I also have experience of working as a teacher.


Yes. The flow in this poem is simular to a priest preaching.
Throwing out words in a cascade of believe.

Very good indeed!

Ambrosia Arbor

This is a poem in the genre of mysticism. It is up to every readers opinion to consider what the term "sacred symphony" stands for.

Wery good poem, which not only sends a message, but also delivers questions.
- And lot's of them!


I believe, that the big thing about your poems is the message involved.
I mostly write about something that bothers me, and then the message is there, but only secondary.
In your case, I feel that the message always shines in the readers face, from the first line to the last.

Since you have the experience: Where could I send my poems for a future publishing?
I don't really have any contacts outside of Sweden.


To Bide Farewell.

Wery good farewell. I could even consider to use it on somebodys gravestone.

15) Death is the only occasion

Back to the time of Jesus!
What kind of profet are you?
This could be taken from the bible...

14) An Old Woman Cry

have you stopped writng? Come on!

911 Challenge Of Hope

Human thoughts on print.

Mind-blower (Kathy's chocolate challenge)

Which tp prefer? Woman or chocolate?

Why Do We?

Some people think that blindness is something a few suffers. The thruth is that we all are born "blind" The first years we start seeing things. The following years we start closing our eyes. And when we aproach the end of our lives we are blind again, just living for our ow'n sake.

14) An Old Woman Cry

So thrue. So thrue...

The Abused

It is a very important statement to all of us, when we proclame that we care about something. We dont do it as often as we should.

let's pretend we're the only ones

Deep thougts. Deep thoughts.

13) Love with different faces

I`m so tired in these love poems. But: In this case it was stimulating to read. To see all the letters hug each other in unity, and become something with a substance.
A text that people will study for years to come.

We Are The Catalyst.

That was a long time ago.
I believe that wars are here to stay.
It's not up to human intelligence, it's about feromones.
And every war is started by a woman.
That's a fact.
I think that we should re-establish the traditional family values, so that women can't spend time fighting in politics.
These values don't stop war, but could perhaps turn the clock back, to the times when swords were used.
I know.
Crazy thougts.
But crazy thoughts are better than nothing.
Men of to day let's women do the thinking... :)

The Book

I feel that there is lot's of work with this text.
It doesn't feel all ready.

my mind carries an ocean but you're the one with legs

Nice reading.

Fly Away Angel

This was something for a gravestone.
Very nice and touching.
I think she likes it...