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49 years old from Syria

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My truth

to sleep forever and never die is everyones dream no matter how much they deny it. reality makes us all tired and you dont really have to say good bye since life is a never ending cycle death is just another door waiting to be opend to another life and then the cycle starts over again. the darkness will always be there its how you shine in that darkness that makes it bad or good . and dreams are just fantasy that can be anything you want after you can face the truth and never look away from the reality of that wich you worry overmthis is what i get from the peom i like this


as untrained as most eyes are the unseen is more clear than that of the seen i like this poem


its the fear that hold many back but those who can over come the fear will realise that though life is harsh and short it also has the things we need to become stronger. atleast that is my take on this poem i liked this one alot

All Hallows Eve.

Yet death is a kid's joy today,
A misunderstanding, some say,
At Halloween these children dress,
They don't know the worst; Bless.
Babies know none of a pain,
So at Halloween the dead are at vein,
A grave stone lying on the ground,
The truth of Halloween is bound.

if children knew what death really was
maybe then they would be less ready
for that wich comes so natural for them today.playing gmaes of death then blowing a candle out with out blinking
an eye from remorse. what i say might be harsh but if they leanred what death was at a younger age they would be less ready
to end a life there self when they got older. awosme poem that is how saw the last part of this poem hope i wasnt to far
off from what you meant


simplisty thats what life is all about there is nothing so simple as a blad of grass that withers or a mid - ticking that stops to soon for most its times like that when a breath no matter how short it is will be counted as one that keeps the lonelyness away. great poem

Cardboard City.

the backstrets are so full of sadness and regret theres no real wya to look away or even pretend its not there.Everything and everyone deserves to have that city they live in be it crule or be it gentle it just means you alive and wanting more from life.no matter what kind of life that might be awsome poem

In entity.

to exist is to know how to live for the moment not the how not the when or even the what. just the moment its self,the only reason of being is for the knowledge that is gaind from those things that crumbled by the game of chance.


not much said but so much meant you have realy said alot with out saying much at all awsome

Gradual minds.

gradual as it may seem it still moves like mountain with an avalanch on it never ending never stoping but it wil stop and there will be a hand waiting for you in the end to help pull you out from the pile of forsaken thoughts,promices,and hearts i lreally liked this poem

The Crimean Shores

those crimean shores sound like a dream that you dont want to wake from. i can see my self bathing like that and just letting my trouble melt away this poem has magic. awsome zoya

Peace on earth

everything is about peace!saving it , wanting it,needing it,and having it , but the just dosnt seem lke its comfterble talking beucase of all the lies through the years. and yes the westren world is to cocky for its good thinking that lall of its knowledge can save the wrold from terror
when all there doing really is making it worse by going into lands trying making them like western world. yes there intentions are good but they really cant see what there doing. this ismy take on this it was really good


love or infatuation this truly gets the haert pumping nice


hope!! thats all we realy need though in

times like we have now hope is like a

promice that must be kept for others

to make it through another day. i like this

poem it really has me thinking if i have

met anyone and gave them hope lately


yell neve really helps in a world that is

numbed by the gore and madness wich

the world calls normal. this is one poem

that i think has true meaning when it

comes to never receiving help or a hello

it is sad but it is also true. to bad not

everyone can see the real world. all they

see are smiles a hand shake and alot

of comments saying its going to get better

when its really not. unless people change

wich is hard to do today for some people

this was a great poem


that was awsome you must have alot of things on your mind when you wrote thiis one it wa awsome

I, Like Prometheus Bound

this was a greta poem i like how you were demanding in the end


you make passing away seem so gentle and non threatning it makes one think of nicer things not of the pain or anything this poem was great

Truth in creativity.

with all the rage and hatred in the wrold one one think that with time everyone
would let bygones be bygones but the wrold is in a say way maybe thibngs will change maybe they want but this poem points that out i think. awsome poem

Tremors of Death-Viva La Mama!

this was really a wonderful peom and the way you described the moments of her babby and her self was really amazing i almost had to stop and catch my breath beucase i thought that was awfu how she was traped like that. and then the babby just skips away into another world it mad me sad yes but it mad me smile also knowing that the baby is in a better place now awsome poem

Lemme staye.

to have repsect mo matter the statuse should be mandatory but in a society where the namless are invisable unitll the holdays where somone thinks there good deed for the year will get them noticed as the "NICE PERSON OF THE YEAR" is really sad. there seems to be no limit to how vain we can be and reading this sort of makes this more understood than most
other poem's that i have read so far. you my friend have an eye for the truth never loose it.

October bliss

i live in the country and reading this makes me glad i still do.

Troub1es fading.

to have troubles fading such as these is truly something that cant be put in words
but you have came closer than anyone else

Virgin Mary

i liked this poem alot giving hope to the holpess and sight to the sightless
truley words to be said in a time of need when the wrold is in dire need of hope

Still haunted

to show such heart in the open really does show everyone how you truly care
wich i think is why it is really worth the pain that you get even though it might not
seem like it at the time


to recover from something as devastating as hurricane or a earth quaike is hard and takes alot of faith.


once again i am over took by your style and percerption this one really is unique
to folow others and yet be your own person realy defines individualism even when there dosnt seem to be any at all


i think you got this right on the money there no greater fear tna a mom loosing her child this one is a great read for anyone who has kids

Lines and...

yea i get what yor saying reflecting on
on your thought's beofre you decide what road to take.because once you take that road you dont know if it ends or go'es on for ever


truth has lost its meaning and freedom is just a big bill board of empty promices.
you might think you have freedom but its all on your perception


children are our future
they shouldnt be exploited like they
are today.there want be a future
of no one steps in.

Another Noatradamas

i think this poem really
had alot of sadness in
a way because to think
back of when you were young
because there is no future
is really deceiving though
you might not can see it there is always
somone out there you just have to
look through one more sunset
or another blue sky.


when innocent's is lost
to never be found again.
that is th true test of man
of man kind. liked liked this pome

Take me back.

i think you hit the nail on the head
with this one. being ignored just because
you're circumstances put you in a situation
that you cant control.people should be respected for who they are not by
how they live or dont live. that is what i got from this poem . it was great

The Wind

having a friend to talk in depth
about love and how they fill or how
you fill about another person is really
an awsome thing under the moon and star's .it just go'es to prove that freindship
is priceless


mistakes are what make us
wiser thoug some are unforgivable
but still you can learn from them and never do it again though some repeat it.
this poem really got methinking about mine
thanks i needed this poem


i liked the poem i found
it to be a good text t read


with everything that goes on in life
a little paranoia is pretty much the norm
but i get what you're saying it was like that for me till i graduated from high school.