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56 years old from USA

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as you know my love flows through my veins for you the love of my life and our son the love and joy of my life.As I said once to you before sometimes you can't realize love till something special happens and then you see it through that moment of surprise for us it was our son.and now you realize that I told you we can grow and make it together through good or bad ,bad or good,smooth sailing or rough waters we would make it together as one for our love for one another and our bundle of joy 9our Son) as one A family,a couple,lovers,friends, etc...you know what I mean there lol but main of all we three are one (1) forever !!
may our love shine and grow and florish forever in the time to come us. I told you your my M_ _ _ M_ _ _ _ _R lol your poetry always makes me feel loved and warm inside for you have away of knowing how to touch my heart " Thanks My Love"as you already know I feel the same for you as you do me always!!

I love you my prince "Will"
and my Angel sent from above
you are my night & shinning armor
and I love you always & foever!!

F*** This

well well as if I don't think that alot myself exspecialy when I feel my heart being ripped apart by those who say they love me and the same ones that I love wholely great write even though this did hit home to me.

Seeing my flaws thru your eyes

Journey of Love
Everyday that passes
I feel that I love you more
I feel thankful for the times
We spend together
I know and feel that you are
My prefect companion
And friend
And I'd choose you again...
And again...
And again!

Naturally we have difficult moments
But I would not give up even these
Because it's a part
Of the journey of love
That we've been on
I want to travel by your side...

Because I Love You,
& yes I understand !!

I'm here for you,
With a helping hand !!

you are my love,my life,
& I'm pround to be your Wife.

This is for You (Doing the right thing again)

well as you know I think you should at least go see her once so that you won't feel so incomplete about not seeing her at all.I know the situation and how hard it is going to be but have faith for I will be there with you to help support you and help you get through it without any conflict. Know that this is not for you or Michele its for Tessa at least that way you can deal with doing the right thing from there. meaning you your friend Michele and her baby and the babys father. so that they can be a happy family and you can avoid any conflicts and be happy for her and the little one. it will be hard if anything just don't talk just view and keep convo short & brief & to the point respectfuly and bounce out from there then you can at least put a closer to knowing you had a pleasure of seeing/meeting her once. you poem was sad yet warming to the heart as always! great write loving you much!
p.s. I am here to help you get through this ok? relax it a be awe-right smiling :D

Nothing Else should matter


From the glowing embers of your spirit
Came a little warmth of your love
Together we set it in a cozy little spot
Safe from the world up above

Then a soothing breath from your lungs
Helped to ignite the flame
On that lonely candle
In the core of my soul

As time passed day by day
Conflicts caused great winds to blow
But you cupped your hands around it
And it just flickered with a brilliant glow

They say that nothing is forever
But I don't believe that's true
That little candle in my heart
Is a loving peace from you
thank you my love my heart
feels the same for you too.
heres aliitle something that this poem you wrote for me inspired me to write this one for you loving you much more and more!! ;D


Basking in the warmth of your smile
And the music of your laugh
I feel your tenderness
And your oh so witty style

I don't know why god blessed me
With such a friend/husband as you
But it makes my pleasure complete
And very happy too

The way you always know me
And exactly what to do
When my loneliness gets me down
And I'm so very blue
The way you see into my soul
And looked behind my eyes
And I don't have to hide my feelings
And put on a disguise

With you I learned to trust
And as I person I have grown
Who could have possibly told me
How could I have known
That you would come in to my life
And my beauty would start to bloom
And like a pretty butterfly
Come out of my cocoon

To share your tender heart
The warmness of your smile
The courage of your wisdom
For these I'd walk for miles

To be thinking of a time
When you'd no longer be there
For me to gaze upon in delight
And all our feelings share
Is not acceptable to me
Because in my life
Is where I want you to be
Always and forever.

10 Paces

now thats what I've been waiting for nice playful read of the pictures I gave you thank you much my love ;D keep flowing and I'll keep enjoying


now thats a way to put it straight to the point but saying not alot but enough to say the truth.as only You and God knows if you will be entering heaven or going to the other end hell but it doesn't take a church to do it it only takes a person to believe in Him and to abey his laws and to ask for his mercy and forgivness not anyone else. I know what you mean here and I agree to a point all except the thief and street people. ha ha ha ha lol great job my love really enjoyed the read. ;D love it and loving you more. ;D ;P

Living Ideas

yes even I couldn't of said it better its as if you read my mind great write my friend welcome to the bay of writing your true feelings and emotions for as I do and feel the same as you do here. applaud applaud I do thee

One love and true by M.A.Meddings

wow you melt and bestow my heart this was so pleasing to read and I felt just what you was saying she is a amazing woman to have you feel the way you do for her in away that love truly is great write my friend much blessing for you both for it sounds as if you both have a heart of gold so full of pure love and goodness

The Colors of Love

great write for I love the way you exspressed love so well and made it sound what it is a brighter way of seeing true colors so beatiful and true

Little MISS Sunshine (thanx again Little One)

what away to show how you feel about a little girl who has touched us both as I told you she has the personality and heart of gold to touch a persons heart as she has done mine since i first met her at a much younger age from now. you warmed my heart once again to see your sincereness of your love for a god daughter once again and as you know I have felt the same way about her as you do for a long time and will continue for a long time to come much love to you as well as her

Don't Go

so heart felt yet sad for the love you want to save and keep your words are away to say all that you feel from within your heart I am really enjoying your skills here welcome to the bay my friend hope you write more soon.best wishes for you and the love of your life to over come your chalenges together and stay together

Heart Space

you have away of writing straight from the heart I felt your words so clearly you know how to reach a persons heart through words great write my friend can't wait to read more

The Mirror

wow now thats a poem of a pure heart and true honesty I love this my fav.I was really ablt to feel what you was saying here great poem keep writing i really enjoyed this one

Frederico Garcia Lorca by M.A.Meddings

you do justic for the poet and much more with the way you caught my attention again greatly enjoyed you have true admiration from me here with this

Riders Song introduced by M.A.Meddings

different but I enjoyed this greatly yes I welcome to read more thanks for opening the door to this new type of writting

Since You Went Away by M.A.Meddings

short but brief great write this speaks volumes alone

Losing touch

I truly feel you here great job here enjoyed

The End

how well do I know this feeling for I asked myself this befor myself great write welcome to poetbay hope your here to stay enjoy and keep writting


wow sad but sweet you left me to tear at this great heart felt piece loved this greatly felt it deeply keep up the good work


it is and will be your personal touch of inspiration and admiration of your true projections great write

Will you?

cleaver but sweet great write


great write and I must confess that I do relate to what your saying here for thats the way I look at it too.I love the way you say it all here without saying alot very much enjoyed thanks for the pleasure of this true poetic form of writting skills.


W-Wisdom I love evn if he doesn't think so
O-Outgoing in every way for me I know
R-respected and loved from me and our son
K-Kool and calm he trys to get me
O-Outstanding to be with and talk to
U-Utterly amazing even though I don't say it much
T-Thoughtful and kind to me all the time

W-Wonderful person I am glad to have him
I-inspiration he gives me each day of my life
L-Loved by many but mainly by his family (wife & son)
L-Loyal and true till eternally we'll see it through!!

What *Cats won't do for *Cheddar

sad but true but it would only take you to put it in words like this great write about the truth of the life we all know is being lived out here in the streets.

You Are A Queen by M.A.Meddings

awwwwww melt my heart and steal my soul is how your words come to me great write I have much admiration to you and Kathy on how you both remind me of how my husband Will is my inspiration to write this way you do have a way to catch a soul and warm a heart.Kathy sazid you was a great writer and I must admitt she is on point I was able to feel what you was saying through your words.keep flowing greatly enjoyed reading your works.great writers you and Kathy you both know how to get a person to feel it through your words as well as my husband Will does to.nice to meet such talent and love in words here.

"The lost soul"

great write it took me back when life delt me the same pain keep your head high and continue to enjoy life and smile for where she lost out will be anothers gain stay strong love will come your way and love will then stay.keep flowing enjoyed this greatly!!

In These Quiet Moments

great write this even warmed my heart to feel the love you feel through the words you write wow I only know one man who can bring it out of me like this and thats my husband Will he's my inspiration to let my feelings flow the way I do I enjoyed this much it made me think of how my husband makes me feel and as for the sea I love water so I would love to drift off on a wave with my family to a land of bliss.keep writing I admire your skills.

My Hairdresser Is Only Five

Great write it made me think how special me and my husband Will have it with our pride and joy Xavier he is a blessing who makes us feel special and warm in our hearts.It's amazing the way kids can touch our hearts and souls the way they do.I really enjoyed thread best to you and your family (Grand babies)

No Return Policy

Every Beat Of My Heart....

With every beat of my heart
I feel yours inside of mine,
Together they beat as one
Keeping perfect time.

With every beat of my heart
I hear yours inside of mine,
Our chance to be together
The beat says it's nearly time.

With every beat of my heart
I know that yours does to,
And every time it pumps
I know I'm feeling you.

With every beat of my heart
I listen close to what it says,
I hear yours calling mine
And it knows it must obey.

With every beat of my heart
I feel mine loving you,
And with every beat of yours
I know you love me too.

With every beat of my heart
It hurts when you say good bye,
And with every beat of my heart
Drops another tear I cry.

With every beat of my heart
I miss you all the more,
The beat grows ever louder
Until it's like a thunderous roar.

For with every beat of my heart
Inside I feel the pain,
Right now mine beats alone
And I'm missing you again.

With every beat of my heart
I need yours here to stay,
For I miss you all the more
Everytime you go away.
The last 4 verses is about...
when I have to share your heart
of that of another.


An Angel Without Wings....

You must be an angel without wings
To put up with all of my bothersome things
My anger, my love, my sometimes weary heart
What others hated about me you love those parts
I look at you and see a creation so divine
To think you have captured this heart of mine
How could I not love you with all that I am
You are the steady I need for my trembling hand
So honest, true and caring you are
My night in shining armour or my shooting star
You simply must be an angel without wings!
I Love You!! You are my handful at times. (smile)
and you know what you said here I feel the same way about you.

Your Pain


Look into my eyes and you will see
Just how much you mean to me
You are not alone
Hope is not gone
Search your heart and you will find
I've never left you; I've been there all the time
I don't know what you are searching for
But don't have to search no more
Realize you don't have to fear
My love is always standing right here
Look into my eyes and you'll know it's true
I always here for you

I Just Wanted You To Know....

You're the air I breath,
The scent I smell,
You're the touch I feel
You're everything that's real.

You're the better half,
The stronger willed,
You're the the beat of the heart,
The more compelled.

You're the sun that shines,
the lighter side,
You're the grass that grows,
The stream that flows.

You are the inner soul,
the eyes that shine,
the one I love,
my peace of mind.

You are and will always be
the better part of me.

Will My Prince & Shinning Armor!
Me Your DollFace,Princess & Tee Tee ;-)
you know what that means(stands for)

I'm Sorry


Today is the day
I vow my love to you
To love and to cherish
Always be faithful and true

Today is the day
I give you my heart, my mind
When times get tough
I promise not to leave you behind

Today is the day
I give you my breath, my hands, my all
Through the storm and rain
My name you can always call

Today is the day
I vow to forgive and forget
I promise not to remember our past
And marrying you I will never regret
I'll always Love only you"Will"


you got me here lmao and enjoying it for-real I truly like I guess I have to give you more art clips so you can write more like this. Now thats a way for frosty to come to town smiling and enjoying as always ty I need stitches now ha ha ha lmao

Frosty: A Hustler

ya now that was cool as always you are truly a work of art when it comes to this style of writtting I like I like smiling a mile long lmao for-real !!now you have to do one for the other pictures I gave you ok? ty


sounds like someone we talk about uuummm? But what you said here is true though.

The Gift is Coming

yes I agree but its Ronnie ,Dexter The blade then maybe Phil Heath no problem for he does have alot of potental.But Jay to train well I'll believe hes right if the results end with showing to believe he can do it.

The Gift is Coming

yes I agree but its Ronnie ,Dexter The blade then maybe Phil Heath no problem for he does have alot of potental.But Jay to train well I'll believe hes right if the results end with showing to believe he can do it.


by the way you made me laugh because you ty is a smile instaed well then I owe you plenty of *smiles* Ty lol by the way you have me with a radiant glow as well as smilling just for you


Just for you Will......

A treasure to be cherished,
A gift from God above;
Is the beauty of a friendship,
Touched by unconditional love.

A love that asks no questions,
Believes in all the best;
Never doubting, ever trusting,
Withstanding any test.

A love that weathers any storm,
And yet that love still stands;
Through the very darkest hour,
It still reaches out a hand.

There in that hand the sweetest gift,
That you can give a friend;
A heart that cares, a love that shares,
That will be there till the end.

A treasure to be cherished,
A gift from God above;
Is what I share with you my friend,
An unconditional love.

You have given me a gift from you a new beginning thank you and I will always do what I can for you my friend I am gratefull that you feel the way you do and that I was able to bring that smile out as I will continue to smile for you as well.we will be that unconditional Love and Friendship as well.very sweet poem which made me smile even more and as well as glow with a rainbow of love to you.

Bodybuilding's Best Once Again

this is well writen which doesn't surprise me coming from you.You have took your knowledge to great lengths here great write keep flowing my friend


that was very touching it brought tears to my eyes please don't let it happen this way my friend just fight a little longer and harder.

My Son & My Dollface

now that was sweet yet revealing and yes thats a perfect reason to stay out of the darkness and a great reason to feel love and happiness great write my friend god bless you and your family.hugs and smiles always

In the end this is for the best

You're Special.....

Did Anyone Ever Tell You,

Just How Special You Are

The Light that You Emit

Might even Light a Star

Did Anyone Ever Tell You

How Important You Make Others Feel

Somebody out here is Smiling

About Love that is so Real

Did Anyone Ever Tell You

Many Times, When They were Sad

Your E-mail made Them Smile a bit

In Fact It made Them Glad

For the Time You Spend Sending Things

And Sharing whatever You Find

There are No Words to Thank You

But Somebody, Thinks You're Fine

Did Anyone Ever Tell You

Just How Much They Love You

Well, My Dearest "Online " Friend

Today I am Telling You

For you deserve to know and to get it in return my friend great write and always remember your not alone anymore.

Your Light

I applaud you on this and all others your unique and truly special writter flow on and stay strong my friend smile for you deserve to

Your Light

yes my friend I will try for I do believe that It is better to be out of the darkness and in the beauty of light even though so much has put me in the dark some time ago but I will remain strong and fight my way out how could I not I just found a friend who really understands me lol smilling for you my friend may we help each other out of the darkness this time for good.

His State of Mind (How to deal)

that was truly grate I enjoyed it deeply .even though your story sounds like your life with your friend.It is my fav.I am enjoying your talents more and more thaxs my friend you really make me want to open up my world of words and inspirations thaxs so much.lol you are the best at this.keep flowing but heal the hurt pleezzzzzzz LOL

I shall never darken your doorstep again

I was once there and I can only hope you will heal from this great write


yes as you said to me I now say yo you here I can relate to this all so well