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33 years old from India

The latest comments that zeeshan has written.

Battle grounds have changed now !!!

good to read from u, its been long n i see u have grown with your poetry ever since.......

kaleidoscope of perspectives

dude this may sound gay but i love u for this poem, u have just brought to us a brilliant work, god bless , keep writing .....

When You Thought I Wasn't Looking (email wisdom)

well this time i wouldnt praise your work because, you know its wonderfull,
but i respect your thoughts coz u write truth. n this is real true to life.
love u mom.

Fallen In Love, and happy.

hey a little late to read this one , but never late to complement you, this text makes me remember my days of love, when i used to drop her home, i miss her but i dont want you to miss him , i pray you both be together forever and never get a chance to miss each other.

rgrds: they say its me, i wish i was (zee)


good imagery............ keep up the good work.
i have written one with the same title why not check it!!!!!!

Sorrows And Pain

yup dreams are like sand , the more u clutch it more they slip.

Drops of Heartaches

so mom you know whats lonliness, and the dark and pain it gives, then why are you troubling me with the same. its been such long i have heard anything forom you.

as usual you write truth , or in better way, unexpressed feeling find way out through your pen. rep awaited.


The Present we misused...

dear ronan,
wellcome to the bay, its a bit late u are here, but its better late than never. i thought u'll be here even much more earlier, i have already commented on this poem personally , but everytime i read it , it makes me praise it. very well done, u mesmerise with your words, your vocab. is good, better than me. keep up the good job. god bless u.


A Love Lesson

a truth rather than a poem, you have understood a fact of life that many take time to.......

mom u taught me something today..........

thnx for sharing this one.


rgrds: son

Hold Tight[Song] [For Zeeshan]

oh thats wonderfull, i gues u r the first person who has written me a poem , i always be indebted to u, love u all. i m so haapy, hugs to u all, liz this one is book marked , thnx alot , :))


The Gardener and The Lady

this world , thi life is never over untill you pronounce it, yes its true there is always someone who cares for you.


An Angry Mother

woah !!!!!!!!!!!!! outrageous, he/she should better ask for pardon , i never knew my mumma is so strong within. hummmmmm....... now i know why they say an angry mom is sharper than the knife. really sharp , and on a serious note , as usual the poem could express it all , yaa . i hope that man still alive, but for u mom , am really proud of you, now i know if ever i get into any prob i'll atleast have you standing stiff like a wall . i am really lucky , hats off to you dearest kathy

rgrds : zee

Sometimes I feel I am the Rain

and yes its bookmarked

Sometimes I feel I am the Rain

a wonderfull poem zoya, the rain , i wait madly for it. when it touches the ground n leaves the soothing aroma. i love it. ur poem tickled my emotions, a very good text.

rgrds : zee

Fooling Circumstances

a very meaningfull write, sometimes smaller things make larger differences, like your poem does here, short but fantastic. very well written .


And stars scattered across her eyes

very well written dear,
then only thing that made the reading odd was the line

"Showing the way to a before
That no longer exists"

i guess it would sound better

"Showing the way to a past
That no longer exists"

the pain can be really felt, though the feelings were raw,the intentions were clear.

the magic crystal always takes away all the blues, yet we hte crying.

rgrds : zee

where angels sleep

where angles sleep, soothing indeed. very peacefull, even angels sing for the one who creates his own tune, you create you own , and i hears angels singing for you, praying. may god bless you, and what a peice of art to start a new year with, love and hugs : ))

rgrds : zee


it pricks hard when you miss a loved one , it pricked here too, you write truth, your words flow out from heart, very true.

rgrds : zee

A Dance

the start i find is amazing, the imagery is awsome, admirable, really !!!!!!!

rgrds : zee

*~*~*~*~:.:.: WHY DO I ? :.:.:~*~*~*~*

you seem to love her with all you have , feel good to know that still there survives true love in hearts of lover like you n me, may god bless you n your love.

rgrds : zee

Love me for my heart...

very true my frnd, a good job, keep it up, i really admire this one, its forcing me to read your other texts too.

rgrds : zee


hey ariel !!! i went through profile, i was amazed seeing that you are only 14, you write amazing and for such a small aged girl writing poems so meaningful and evoking, isee a bright future foir you , may god bless you.


hey ariel !!! you have written a very meaningful tale, it was a bit evoking, i hope he conquers his addiction , may god bless you.


a wonderful display of variation , the rhyme n the the way you present different phases is awsome, and the way you have presented the idea of being true - ownself, withyout adulteration is awekening, many times we try to imitate others, or try to be someone superficial , this poem will surely help them find their ownselves lost beneath this dirty world.

may god bless you !!! (amen)

merry christmas mom.

rgrds: son

Where Do The Words Go?

i still remember i lost my words when i was writing a poem for the first time, i knew them but they weren't coming onto the page, it was frustrating, mom you have chosen a beautiful conept to write on, very welldone , proud of you,

son : zee

Inside The Tinderbox

very very very well written , i could feel the dark, the pain, the fear, hats off to you, ma'm

regrds : zee


colourfull indeed !!!! a good write
rgrds : zee

The Feather

i can only say .... i am proud of you, it feels fantastic , n amazing to have such a beautiful poetess as you mother, thnx alot :))

regrds: zee

33) You are my Gift

such a lovely write, very good :))

Getting Burned

okay so you have decided to make me repeat my words, but i'll do dat a hundred times for u, buddy this is a awsome write, i liked it , get going buddy, you are filled with this talent up to the brim, hope to get many more like this .

rgrds : zee

Take care of me

very very very well writtten , short though too sweet.... i liked it, actually i loved it........

I'm me

a very lovely poem , yet something much more thought evoking awaited , u got that potential , i know u , i mean i can sense it , u just 14-15 now n u really work wonders with ur pen , i wish u go far with this talent of ur's ,

rgrds: zee

Wake up mamma

your taste of writing poems is very disturbing , you make my breathe go heavy, hey dear i'll really like to read some cheerfull n mirthfull texts coming frm your way, i hope i get to read them soon, n yes i must say . you are an awsome poetess, hats off to you !!!!

lotz of love n hugs : zee

Help Me

stop plz that pains, dear plz don't do that if u really do, there are many wonderfull things in life, be strong enough,
may god bless you !!!

rgrds: zee

another very sad n disturbing write

He took his life

an awsome write dear , an awsome write !!!! , but very disturbing, may god bless u , keep up the good work !!!


At Times That I Cannot Write

a very true poem , nothing in this world can define and express your love !!!!

well its a personal point of veiw , even poems we write are just an excuse we give ourselves for not able to express or define our loved one and our love for them.
but well its the flow of feelings that makes us a creature of this specie.
very well written , herd alot abt you frm thomas, n now i feel he was right with the words he said, excellnt write.

rgrds : zee :))

Sins of the Father

again a very good text!!!!!

The Drug

an awsome write !!!!
this one is really disturbing!!!!
the pain is too much to take,
i could feel my breathe going heavier, n tears rolling my eyes, i don't know whether is it just a poem or a tragic truth that happened to you, but all i want to say my friend is , it was too good, now look u made me cry , are you going to come n wipe my tears? heartfelt poem , very touchy , n right from heart, i could really imagine myself in ur place, i could feel the pain , but just an advice, if you really love her , n really do , plz give her a chance, if you are 16 now , may be even she must be of the same age, oe younger than you, so i guess she is quite immature, but my frnd act wise, give her a chance, she must have understood her mistake, anyways a brilliant write, i randomly picked it , and its an awsome peice of work , indeed a pleasure to read this one.
i guess words aren't enough to express my veiws abt your poem , well my frnd you directly hold a place in my frnds list , n for you this one's *bookmarked*
welcome to this bay!!!!!!

i would rate it not 5 but #100#

impressed , really impressed !!!!
lotz of love to you.
all the best !!!!

rgrds : zee :))


bitter, a bitter one !!!!!!

but wonderful write,
woah !!!! you disrupted me !!!!!


oops!!!!! i mistook you as a male
so many sorriessssssssssssss !!!
dear lady your love really shines through this poem , well not to be asked but i'll really like to know , whether do you really love someone, or was it just a feeling that came out through this poem , pardon me if i went too personal........

regrds zee.


woah man , this is one as your first deserves 10 outa 10 , u know what i liked this poem also because the first poem i wrote was also abt love, well i hope u post many more....
al the best, keep up the good work......

rgrds zee

introducing myself

hey sania, well even i ain't that elderly member of the bay , but i would love to take this pleasure to invite you to this world of poetry, welcome dear. lotz of love

regrds : zee

Making Me Yours

that was effective, a wonderfull write , i could actually feel the warmth, very effective .....

In Love

well am a little late , but lady i must say this is a very touching and lovely text, congo's to you your first text and here it is bookmarked , your next post awaited.

I say thank you

thats a wonderfull text, hugs to you dear :))

A Past that makes me Frown

yup my dear frnd , happiness and sadness are part of our life , and we can never forget the past,
you know wat my friend
even though if wound heals, but the scars remain , n they always make you remeber the pain you felt,
very well written :))

Scuffed grey leather boots

i could imagine a scene coz of this one, very well written, hugs :))


a nice and different one here,

keep it up,

How do you spell love?

a must say, this one is full of emotions, this one's book marked !!!

Stars are pale

very well written ,
yaa surely love shines brighter than anything , any jade . yes love shines outa ne kinda darkness. amazingly truth enlightened, keep it up .