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40 years old from Norway

The latest comments that Bowjonozz has written.


True words you write here. Really something to think about.

South Will Rise Again

You must be proud!
This was a really good song. I hope, think and belive these words will be helpful to the poor people who suffer.
A great song!

No, Seriously

I couldn't agree more! =D

One Single Tear

I almost started to cry!
So many feelings in these words. Well written, a great piece of work!


Drugs can be so cruel!! I've been down that road...
A great poem though, it was like I could feel the pain.
Wish you all the best in life!

Tears of Pain

Think I know the feeling.
A good piece of work though!


Short, but nice. Few words that tells so much. Very good!

Forever in my heart...

I can't imagine how painful it is to lose someone that way. I'm truly sorry for your loss!
The poem was so warm and nice, really enjoyed reading it!

Death is an Insomniac's Dream

Dark and powerfull. I recognized my self in it. But even though it was dark, I found something peacefull in it.
Very good poem!

Jane Doe

Have you written something like this before? I felt I had read something like it.
But this was good though, sad, but good!

Godess of bronze

I love this time of year, so many warm colours.
Enjoyed reading your poem, a very good piece of work!


Dark, but good!!

Obstacle of Fundamental Love

This I really liked!
Filled me with hope. A great poem!

You Suicidal Spirit

I understand :)
But I won't give 5 to anything!! I gave 3 to one too...not that it matters though, but I guess you've read the one I ratet 5. I really thought that was that good!! I don't give 5 to be nice, I give what I give because I mean it.
And I'm sorry if I seem uninterested, but I don't know what to say. I read so many comments with great words, and all I can say is that I really liked what I read or that I think it is really good. My english is not at all good.
Don't know if you understand what I mean, it's hard to explain...

But if I should say something else too, just a little something I've noticed. It's not(!!) many who likes to give comments to people who don't apreciate it (Iknow I wrote that wrong, sorry!)
A simple thank you would be enough. Many don't respond to their comments, I do. I've read a lot of poems with comments in here, not many write back and say thank you... I just think you should think about that too ;)
I really don't mean to be rude or anything about this, but you've told me what I can do better and I respond as good as I can to that.
And I'll do my best to show more interest when I come in here :)

You Suicidal Spirit

Wow :)
Nice respons!
Yes, I said I didn't write just for the comments, I write because I want people to read, that's what's important for me. And I didn't mean in anyway to say that this site is low in anyway!! I like this site, and I do take time to read poems here, and so many are very good!! But if it is so important that I comment everything I read, I'll do so.
Hopefully none of you think I'm mad now, because I'm really not. I'm very glad you tell me such things. Now I know what I can do better :)

And by the way, thanks for helping me!! Seems I really need all the help I can get ;)

You Suicidal Spirit

Yes it's always nice to find a comment, but that's not my reason for writing :)
And I'm not often in here, but I have given comments my self, though I don't remember to who.

Mostly I'm on another poem site, and there I always give comments to the poets.
But if you wish I spend more time commenting in here, I just might do so :)
Thanks for taking the time to write ;)

You Suicidal Spirit

Thank you so much for your kind words!
It's written out of own experience.
I once was among those who sees the end as an only option. But after seeing how people react to this sort of thing, I just couldn't do it and asked for help instead.
Once again, thank you so much for your comment!

In death is my peace

Thank you so much for your comments!! It really means a lot!!
There's probably many wrong spellings, but my english ain't perfect :o)
I'm just a norwegian girl, so there is still work to do with my english.
And you are right, my heart is in this one, well I leave my heart in almost everything I write, because I usually write about real things and feelings.
Thank you so much again for your comments!!

I'm sorry!

cuz...thought I had changed that word. Sorry about that. I belive it is easy for other people to say it's just to stop, just quit. But it's a hell to get away from.
Now I've been lucky to get over the worst, but there's still a long way for me to go. But I'm really lucky though, I'm among the few who really gets the help we need to get out.

I'm still here

Thanks for your comment!
No hard feelings here, I'm glad you show me where I write wrong!! That might help me become a better writer.
I'm very thankful!!
And yes, it is sad with drugs and watch all those who die because of it. Hopefully I get out someday.