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Our never ending poem *It's a new day*

Caught in ripples among the drift ice.
Here, is where our demons demise


Thanks a lot!
It`s been almost a complete year i think, since i last posted, so it was time to do something about it:) have been busy studying and just never got around to do anything creative (except some notebook-texts like this one)

My friend of misery

Well written and easy to relate to, and it also keeps to theme of the song expanding the thoughts and words you find in hetfields version of the song.. i like this!

Blend with Me...

Love for the beloved descrebid in a beautiful way:)
i feel strongly connected to this write because i sometimes struggle to find the right words, words to describe love... as you obviously did in this write:)
i also liked the image you posted to this text!
Thanks for posting this:D


Sing a Song of Solitude

solitude.. a dangerous weapon of a selfdestructing mind unaware of the reality that solitude is a making of it's own

well written, nice flow. liked it a lot!

The poet's privilege

This is the most genius description of a poet i have ever read!
This is the world of the poet caught in motion and described in a way that capture me totally.
I couldn't agree more!

"since it's natural for him
to break conventional dimensions,
since his home is timelessness."

Bloodied Cream

you're on a roll liz:D wicked and good poetry must be thundering through your veins and building up in your head:D keep up the fantastic writing;) or else your head will explode^^

Molten Chains of Stone Burdens

Listening to the song and reading your poem at the same time was one WICKEDLY COOL experience! these stones rock!

You Are Good Enough(For Cr4ky)

heartfelt hug liz:) and i like the feathers on your wings, they are so soft and warm:)

I Haven't Forgotten PoetBay

Feels Fantastic to see a post from you again Liz:D it`s been a while!:D
Welcome back!:D

Check Your Six

Check your six - watch your back/look behind you:D

Illuminate [darkened]

i hope i won`t go anywhere.. i`d rather just float around in this world looking at the people in the streets without them looking at me.. and sometimes do a prank or two:)

This write is dark and powerful and i can feel the depth of how far you belive your rejection goes.. it drives me mad that the world could possibly do that.. but what do i know, right?
anyhow. remarkable good text and i liked it, like the mood of your text.


Update to the family of Poetbay

Keep up the good work S!! and by all means keep posting updates throughout the month so that this reaches every outpost of the bay;)

The journey of the tear of sorrow - To our romantic hero


To the family of Poetbay

ready anytime:)

missing you...

a fine start! good rythm and flow.. could almost hear a tune in my head while reading this. a text with good potential of becoming a beautiful and heartfelt song! keep the spirit alive and feel the song in the poet inside of you!

Never look back

Yes! never look back but use the experience!
and to the work of art.. couldn`t agree more, altering the first completion or trying to make things "better" is a dangerous thing to do..
These truisms are as true as can be!

A nice text with good points and simple messages decorated by the craftmanship of a poet!

A Paralyzed girl's song By Aisha Razem

absolutely fantastic. such images you create in this text! knocked me off my chair!

Along the River Bank

Excellent images! i closed my eyes and saw the picture being painted.. sad, yet beautiful in the light of the sparkling river, almost felt real for a second:D

Hark!Observe Sméagol -  givelendone's ear

yeeeeees! written well it iiiis:D
precious likes!:D


Using time to read this was not a waste at all!
a superbly written text! it must have taken some time;)
well spent time!
great text!



It left me with a feeling of actually floating on the fog.. just dreaming away into nothing..


a wonderful composition of words truly creates the fog in this poem and breathes a very heartfelt feeling of life and heartbeats into it
and the way this fog has stopped the time in a perfect moment really does show its outmost beauty!

A contrast of want and need

a very good reminder of how terrible the contrasts of our world really are!

Never stop!!!

A strong text!
makes one wake up!

with a new will to fight: to find the life ment to live and never stop living no matter how the world treats you on your path.

Mind Fog...

The fog is a beautiful place.. an inspirational place
but also a dangerous place.. i think we`ve all been there sometime
a well constructed poetic describtion of the mind fog!
There are many fogs to be within!

There is No Excuse....But Sorry

This is a extremly good text aaron! makes me sit down and think of what i could have done differently in the past. a strong and true text!

A Flame

strong text! a good flow of flaming words!
the flames within are indeed able to light up again and make us feel reborn.. well done!


wise words wrapped
in a
very viciously verdict
and the
thruth told towards
people playing perfect

A Sensual Scene

hehe.. it`s the chocolate love story:D
well written. chocolate sweet:D

dark, white or milk-chocolate?

Under True Illusions ~Liz's Challenge~

nice! this is a very good text and i believe this could make a hit;D

[song] No More Living Fantasys [Under true illusions now]

you nailed it! this is a great song liz!
verse 2 really rocked:D enjoyed reading this!:D

Some sweaty lines, four (4) Nepenthes' four line challenge

enjoyed this one;) nice!


haha.. another frustration got it`s words on the bay! love this:D electricians are slow when things go wrong, and man! who doesn`t get pissed when the coffees cold??

The cellphone rings while I'm driving

frustrated? guess so^^ i would probably be a person doing things like that.. just leaving the car and walk:D love the twist it gave at the end:D a higlight of this text:)
nice man! good write:D

Blue in the Face (Kiss challenge)

ooh^^ intense write! intense kissing!:D

what a woman!!


love it!bloody wonderful!
i do the same thing form time to time..
just walk out into the streets to find myself^^ it`s a trip for the mind:D

Walk this way (A Tribute to AEROSMITH)!

rock on! i "sing for the moment" ! nice tribute!

Can I have?

you are Reina de la noche, but blooming everyday makes you quite exceptional! take all the time you need! and do take care of yourself!

A song for the bed (Rock on)!

Write more of this!

"the show must go on"!;)

Lessons about Life (ABC Challenge)

nicely put! a good write.. nice flow, good choices of words!

From The Cradle by M.A.Meddings an entry to Kathy's music challenge

Clapton acoustic:D a good write:D
only missing claptons music! that would send this to the top!

My shadow and I

this is haunting!

A very good image.. a little scary to think about though.. but such a strong text!


Unlock, please!

...i just almost blew my brains out^^

this is deep thinking... deep..
man... now i need some coffee to get my brain started again..

Words by M.A.Meddings

GREAT! you are a superb poet! that`s for sure!

New Poets Challenge:"Who or what am I" (Riddle Challenge)

hmm.. sounds fun:D looking forward to reading the final compilation^^

My Heart Lies Beside Me

this is a good text, it takes time to get over a lost love. you describe it in a nice way with this poem, very good images of the situation and a beautiful choice of words

"The smokey air blends perfectly
With the smell of my perfume."

really liked the imaginary of this particular part.


189. In a musical sense

A philosophers words indeed..

I like the way you center music as a part of the worlds exsistence! music has so much feelings and such a healing effect on people!


These Are the Angels of Earth

strong beatiful text with good sense and a very good mission!



A Response for lastromantichero's Epitath

a thank the world for whats been given and all the friends you have made ~ epitath

A beatiful thought lays behind this!