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dandelion attitude

Wonderful beautiful even in its descriptive qualities I have read this over and over its delicious like a recipe for the senses well done indeed~Graham.

"Beautiful Dreamer"

I have several grandchildren of varying ages and yet they still amaze me in so many different ways,but as babies they were all so beautiful and I could spend hours just watching them as they slept your poem brought all this back to me so I thank you not only for the poem but also for the memories~Graham.


Shadows as fascinating as they are frightening and the poem itself has a sombre side I feel yet draws the reader into it,interesting as well as entertaining~Graham.


Excellent and is life itself not a conundrum I once saw a cottage with this written above the door while on a country walk and often wondered if the owners were referring to the cottage or their lives within just a thought~Graham.


And then it becomes something as is this Ken~Graham.


All I can say is excellent on what is almost a history lesson or maybe a journey in time of what most take for granted but your exploits certainly prove otherwise and for that I thank you for the enlightenment and may I add an enjoyable one~Graham.

Night walk

I really enjoyed your descriptive thoughts I could almost smell the wet moss on dank cold walls and cobbles, gardens at night can be creepy places causing the imagination to run riot at the best of times though I would probably venture only into my own during the hours of darkness~Graham.

The Queen's Diamonds.

Well it obviously left its mark on someone thats for sure, it sounds as if it truly was a magical day and more so brought to life for the rest of us by your lovely poem~Graham.

wisdom for love

More then a touch of wisdom here but very cleverly put together made for enjoyable reading~Graham.


They say hope runs eternal I just hope they are right for its just another stepping stone in what we hope is the right direction we are heading, Quite the inspirational poem~Graham.


The only glory was in the minds of young men on the eve of war Ken and I doubt if that has changed one little bit even in todays climate but that soon changes when the reality hits home,its just about pain,tears,loss of friends and loved ones who cannot be replaced,bits of metal as a reminder? I think the scars will do that,a very thought provoking write Ken~Graham.

Gallery of Dreams

The poem itself has a dream like quality about it, the art work is certainly brought to life but then I would not expect less from this trip through the ages it has indeed stirred memories of Italy for me at least~Graham :-))))))

Environmental Pollution

Here,Here, and I could'nt agree more, a subject on which I could rant for hours, this should be on notice boards everywhere,well done indeed~Graham.


This is nothing short of excellent in rhythm flow and content with a very clear message to all ~Graham.

'Strung' over

The odd one out, (But the neon of the indistinct) headed this excellent piece of work home for me, such a pleasure to come across a poem such as this that grabs and holds the reader with more then just curiosity,well done indeed.Graham.

It's Written

This flows like a gentle stream yet with warmth and purpose( it gives us wings) and indeed it has.

10 Second Poems

Excellent brought a smile be it a short one.

Lilibonelle: Untitled

As romantic as ever you write with passion and warmth never failing to draw from the reader that which is intended, a pleasure to read as always.


Absolutely brilliant and runs with such pace a breath of fresh air on a dreary morning well done indeed.

Bad weather

Some say the weather is an english pastime as it seems to invade so much of our conversation but then it is so unpredictable I fear its bound to, I like some what the style in which you have put this together somewhat tongue in cheek and yet we can all relate to a pleasure to read.

Millions for Defense

I agree with Rob both interesting and well written certainly enough to infuse the reader with an inquisitive mind to delve deeper.

Divine Service

The verses are a choreography in their own right you allow the reader to almost participate in the dance itself, a real pleasure to read.

The Hobo

An artist in his own right none the less and reading this creativity runs in the family,nicely written piece.


My mother used to say a watched pot never boils but in truth it does eventually, it just seems to take forever,I think your poem emphasises the point very well~Graham.

A Time for Joy

A glimpse behind the lines provides a picture of the utmost beauty of a place to wallow in like wanting to wrap oneself in a dream, you have lost none of your touch Kathey a joy as always.

Je Pense Donc Je Suis

Reminds me of some thing by the moody blues, threshold of a dream seems to come to mind, either way much enjoyed reading.


Excellent Ken and there is more truth within these lines then meets the eye.

What The Night Drags In

Excellent in both content and structure, there are lines within lines and truths to unfold and this leaves a great deal of food for thought well done indeed~Graham.

Bluebell Magic.

I drive through the woods of Hampshire every day, and while they are in season they are still a delight to see as is this wonderful poem~Graham.

Countenance of a Bay

An absolute gem of a poem Kathy you always see the best in life and it is truly reflected in your writing sincere and with heart indeed a pleasure to read~Graham.

A Candle in The Window

As romantic a poem its been my pleasure to read in many a while, there is a wonderful softness and sencerity to it, beautifully written indeed~Graham.

If Life Were An Open Book

Well as far as imagination goes you should be on the top shelf! this is like a breath of fresh air so its unlikely the dust will get a chance to settle, very cleverly put together and asks more questions then most will have answers for~Graham.

For the Love of Chocolate

I have'nt got a sweet tooth myself but I can see the attraction of it and anything that smells that good can't be all bad, thoroughly enjoyed this through and through~Graham.

One Day Last December

I agree with Kathy it has a wonderful lilt to it and well rounded off in the last stanza~Graham.

Empress Marie of Russia and her Fabulous Diamonds...

Story telling at its poetic best Norma such a pleasure to read~Graham.


The heady scent of Hyacinths there are few that can compare, beautifully written Norma~Graham.

The English Have Driven Us Nuts

Ha Ha love it Stan, it is indeed an incredible and inconsistant language and probably always will be~Graham.

The First Christmas Tableau. Assisi 1223

An absolutely wonderful poem and pure pleasure to read~Graham.


Heartbreaking to read as well as deal with first hand as you so obviously have Norma and as have I over the years, your poem is excellent in its description and clarity~Graham.

Joyless. Torn. (Neverborn? Who am I?)

Excellent in both rhyme and rhythm as to content, well many will associate with these thoughts, fine writing indeed.

Twisted Sculpture

Some people might say "such is life"but we know this is not the case, your words are full of wisdom and a sadness that few can comprehend, your writing is as wonderful as ever and touches me deeply~Graham.

Wanted: A Kindly Mortician

Excellent from start to finish, conjured up wonderful images, an unusual subject yet handled extremely well and the last line is a work of art in itself, an absolute pleasure indeed Shar.

A Slice of Day

Sounds more like a little bit of heaven to me, what better way to spend a day a pleasure to read.

A Cratered Life

Such sadness for me is always difficult to read, but I feel your grief none the less, your anguish in these words is a tangible thing, its to soon to speak of time being the healer that it is, grief is a process that has to run its course, I feel your loss deeply but my wishes and prayers are now with you Kathy, may God grant you safe passage through the times ahead~Graham.

The heart of me

An absolute joy to read even if it is sad, the loss of hope is almost tangible you are a talent indeed.

Reticent Butterfly

Such a delicate poem but butterflys are so very fragile also, beautiful write Cindy.


No one ever said the life of a fisherman was easy, but they are buggers for punishment all the same, your poem brought a smile to my face and memorys to mind, nice one Ken.

Broken blossoms

An excellent write and take on life as it is, a pleasure to read.

Leaving the past

Reading this the words been there done it kept running through my mind, this is to me an emotional as well as frustrational piece of writing and one can only tread quicksand for so long.

The Borrowing

This is truly a beautiful piece of poetry that sways and dances its way from begining to end, a pure delight to read.