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Baby I been Missin' You

long distance love is difficult... hurt comes through loud and clear.

If I Gave You A Hickey

ok. lean really close to your screen. closer. a little closer. now listen. can you hear me laughing from there????

"If I gave you a hickey
would you call me a sucker?"

too funny, this made me giggle all the way through.

if you gave me a hickey,
i'd call you a sucker
if she gave him a hickey
well then he'd prob'ly fu -

oh hey sorry, that was uncalled for. :)) this is just too fun.

Or/Young sighs



phew. i hate it.

the description is exceptional. the scenes are real. it is not even a proper noun, the scavenger dog. this is phenomenally well-written. disturbing. good.

phew. i hate it.

Remember Love

a five, no question there. this is superb.

182. Aloof

you sound sure of yourself. it is an insightful piece. :)

Equality is in Reach (Womens Rights Challenge)

a good point too, not all men are abusers... sometimes, they are even the abused. hm.

(beats husband over the head with a metal stick and laughs)

kidding. :^O

That Must Have Hurt.

hehehe what a dumbass... but hey, it gave you good fodder for poetry... thanks for the smile and the laugh...

The Girl At Twenty by M.A.Meddings

enchanting....... it was truly a romantic hero, that would have had to write this... just charming :)

Comforting Light

so true. when there is no one else, he's there... the sad part? he's there all along, it's just that often, we don't notice...

thanks for calling to mind the brilliance of God's loving light...

Without A GoodBye

the kind of love not many people have... in fact, most would find the gate closed and locked... sad, beautiful, love is in these lines :)

My muse is lost

i'm sorry you had an awful day... but i did see your muse on a coffee break, it will be back before you know it

13) Love with different faces

hands-down wonderful... it merits a 5


This morning vs this afternoon

"a stain that never evaporates..." nice word choice, this was a soft, gentle, sad read

Challenge To Tamars Womens Rights Against Abuse

"they have not trod the places we have" and it's true, too often people fail to see... we should all be willing to walk a mile, in another's shoes... good poetry :)

Another World

what is this other you?

(love it, love it... we've all got our very own little universes in here, do we not...?)

One Second of Life

.....there is no now, methinks..

but this is definitely poetry.....

well done :)

181. The Funhouse High Priest

awesome :) i never thought of my writing as surrealistic, but i will say that i am attracted to surrealist ideas/paintings... so to be connected with that is to succeed in ways i hadn't expected...

but troll is not a he ;)

i've heard of similar inside information, they like taking the patient's meds sometimes, that is certainly accurate enough :)

truly awesome to see how we're all inspiring one another on here...

Some other disaster

i have done that before... seen someone acting normal, but felt an undercurrent of what could only be described as "volatile" and then... the explosion... an awesome write, calling to mind similar experiences i have had...

The Forbidden Fruit

indeed, the forbidden fruit... what makes it so is that we know better... and take the poison purposefully... an awesome collaboration here!

If I Gave You... (my response to all the flowers)

personally i don't need flowers, jewelry or chocolate...

can't a guy just write me a freakin' poem???

i love how this is exploding into a challenge of sorts, now someone just needs to write "if you gave me..." but i think nep might have already covered it when he said he'd sneeze...

what fun, what fun :D

The Sandwichmakers' Ode

in that case, let's not talk about they came up with jimmy dean sausage... ever watch the blue collar comedy guys? the commercial really says the milk is from real cows, the eggs are from real chickens, and the sausage... is from jimmy dean...

lol, the lighter veins are fun, ask dracula...

The Forbidden Fruit (co-write with Kid)

indeed, the forbidden fruit... what makes it so is that we know better... and take the poison purposefully... an awesome collaboration here!

Innocent Victims Have Different Faces ( Nepenthes Challenge)

good advice here, i really like the bit about the hunger for power, you chose some really awesome words to get your point across... well done. :)

180. Sea of Love ( - in answer to Coolaaron's latest challenge)

unable to pinpoint why this has such a strong effect, but it does. this is simply beautiful (and nice wordplay in there, too!)

Tears Of Silent

a lovely thought, and yet you sound as if there is still separation, i kind of can't tell if this is meant to be a good or a bad thing (the end sounds so hopeful), but then again when are emotions ever just one thing or another...?

PlayGround by M.A.Meddings a challenge entry to Nepenthes challenge

is it fitting? is it wrong? however uncertain the answers may be to those questions, one thing should go without saying... this is a thoughtful piece, almost enough to drive one to anger in thinking of it... another good one :)

If i gave you a rose by M.A.Meddings

Good point!!

there is something about this... just something i can't put to words, but i'll bookmark it and see if i can put my finger on it later...

just awesome, i love it

A season named Cecilia

you know, at one point i really thought, maybe i can write poetry... but then i come here and read what kind of stuff you all churn out, and i feel like a kid playing dress-up in too-big clothes.

i cannot tell you, cannot convey... how hands-down wonderful this is. on a scale of 1-5, it's an 8.


11) Yet It Was A Dream

sometimes i have woken up only to burrow under the covers, try to convince the dream to come back... after dreams like that sometimes the days can be dry and even bitter...

but sometimes too, i wake up crying, thankful for reality's intrusion. a nice thinking piece :)

12) My 1st No

yes. we all need to learn to allow ourselves that much, the right to an opinion, the right to say no or even scream it. awesome awesome!!

Collision Course

the whole thing is awesome, but those last 2 verses say it the best in my eyes... floor me, why don't ya??? excellent. the disallowance of us... just great stuff (but i'd drop the quotes on "us" if it were me, seems to be unnecessary, but that's just my humble opinion... this is a good poem)


this is really a hard read, because pain just kind of pours from it... the sad idea is that by going away others won't feel hurt anymore... but that's not how it is, life is not so kind/harsh (depending on how you look at it)... my favorite writes are those old tear-stained folded ones... this is emotive and well-expressed, nice job.


wouldn't it be nice if that could happen daily... (shouldn't it...?) this is lovely

Peaceful water

enchanting, as is the water at dawn... keep it up!

Let the battle begin!

there Are pretenders among us... this has a lot of good-sounding advice... the troubling idea to me, is that it can be attained without divine intervention. we should do what we can, but never doubt that he will be the difference between heaven and hell. we and he, we work it out together... just my humble thoughts... some awesome work here with the format, very nice. :)

Homeland by M.A.Meddings

a history lesson and a poem all in one! another awesome poem from you, don't you write any junk? :)


and the lunatics rave! this is just downright excellent :)

Icy Stare

here's another fear... being one of those people... hollow... or even just appearing to be hollow when i'm so lost inside my head... another awesome write...

There is a rat race out there

creative! to say the least... so that's why the world turns round :)) a very silly, fun piece... i'm glad it was a pleasure to write, because it was also a pleasure to read :)

Touched With Magic

beautiful words... but then again, words can just be words... true love lies elsewhere, and can't be pinned down with letters and stanzas... (just the thoughts it brought to mind)... nice write.

God No More

i'm trying to decide if you're saying that faith is bad, or that for God to be alive in this world that people have to remember him in their thoughts, deeds, and very lives... personally i think God's going surprise everyone with how he doesn't die or fade away... i think, he's still creating... well that brought me off on a weird tangent. a thought-provoking piece.

Then, I will give in

i think i need a cigarette after reading that(!)

A sign

wow, with the other, what a set of poems you have here... you sound like you know well "the sudden crush from a single glance"... good job getting it across to the reader


feels like you stopped when there was more to say... there is a lot of emotion here, expressed quite well :)

Till my heartaches end....

"chew your unsweetened words"... harsh, intense writing... you made me feel it... well done :)

Like a Hole in the Head

why must we never learn? perhaps we don't want to...

i like the bit about the dentist, it drills in the point ;)

this is another good one :)


The touch of the stars

damn right, write your own story... and avoid those black holes (but how they suck you in!) a good positive message here :)

To Spare You

this sent a cold chill up my spine... it's hard to watch someone you care about hurting, dying. it's a hard prayer to pray, a desperate soul's cry of: "spare them" that wrenches itself from a weary heart... it's a little too real...

this is beautiful...


Time (Part 2)

so true... a moment in time can take everything from safe to chaotic, just like that... i especially love the lines "day by day, hour by hour/we regain and lose our power"... good job with this :)