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34 years old

The latest comments that kid has written.

A Letter to Matthew

Touching poem i must say and a really personal one. Don't worry he will come back just be faithful and pray to God for him has you have done in this poem.


This is a good poem about the disadvantages of being a good person. In everything we the are advantages and disadvantages. Nice write here its good

Demon's Corral

lovely poem, and easy to read


A very good descriptive poem which makes the reader wonder and think about this Ethereal. Very good poen here

Empathica Remnants Of Rotting Poet

Such a sweet poem to read i like the ryhmes and the couplets. The third verse has a very deep meaning than you can imagine.

Bad Stuff, Good Stuff

This a lovely poem u should make sure that ur good stuff weighs more than your bad stuff. Very simple poem its good

Twarted Tiger[Repost]

interesting poem here and a nice story i like it

Fumes of the Grave

A very good poem i like the use of language though hard.

Mother Nature and Water, the Elixir of Life

You describe situations well and you went all around welldone.

A Journey to Love

This is lovely it shows how much a female can love a male.

A Man's Heart (Co-Write Rik & F.i.in.e Moods)

This tells youths about the ingredients of a sweet life and how in a special way to make heaven. This is a very fine collabo

74) Forgive Love

touching moving and emotional

Journeying Trials

this is a very good didatic poem if some reads this it might change the person's life and altitude.
You have written a very nice and simple piece


cool poem there is an atmosphere of love in it short and beautiful

Verdant Fields Of Love a Cowrite by Katherine Lockhart and M.A.Meddings

this is a lovely sonnet you guys are very good in cowrites i must say


I like the repetition and the way u wrote this poem the word are very simple and lovely


Good poem i love the ryhmes and inserting a little theme about love makes it perfect


U should by a new one if it is loan just get it. My dad and i have always bee disagreeing on the issue of his ramshackle car he says there is no money to buy a new car and he would not take loans i hope that will not be your answer.

I love the topic of this poem

For ever And Forever by M.A.Meddings

nakedness of the opposite is it that interesting. With due respect sir is it dat u were piping and the lady and if so is it right.
Lovely poem i respect it

A beautiful world

Cool i like it is really a beautifull world all lines are the best

Way Back When (co-write with Michael Meddings)

this is great i like the story i will read reread and read again. The way to go lol

As Do Thee Enchant Me Now by M.A.Meddings

this is a good poem i feel it

Hells angels

This is great!


yah that is it the red colour i mean.
nice poem it is heaty

Cool Light

Beauriful poem! the physical stucture is commendable .
Nice poems i respect it

His Gifts

Cool! fast quick and smooth.

O Cruel!

another good poem from u again. Indeed it is cruel

If You Could Really See

This is nice a great poem u have written

If u could really see
that your poem is more than what u see

She Was Robbed

Nice poem well i am sure she would get over it as time goes by. You have written a simple, comprehensive and pitiful poem. I respect it

The Englishman and The Rose

this is very lovely. I like the way u write this poem i was exepecting a ballad but u link them with some nonliving things and that is really unique.

Softly I Come To You ( cinquain poem co-write with Michael Meddings)

This is nice cool and beautiful. Love is important in once life if u dont have one i think u are missin is'nt?

The Missing Poem

this is a straight foward poem. Sometimes a group of people or things are always complete but there will always be something missing. I this scenario it is a missing poem. But what about the Super Eagles?

Timeless Rose

This is a nice and lovely poem. i like it

I am just a boy...

In a way your poems are always unique. i like it.

Annoying Telephone Frustration[Tanka]

This tanka though short has very important and vast meaning. I agree with the last two sentences

a path

This is a very serious poem. And it gives the reader a deep thought.

My Sail...My Story

This is great u used ur poem to tell us about life.
Omo i gbadun this poem o.
A poem very didactic poem

Deep Inside by M.A.Meddings

this is verily and truely written. I like it

KINDNESS (acrostic)

this is a nice threat. It should be read by everybody before he/she brush his/her teeth.
I completely concur with you. But sometimes when you show kindness to some people the tend to pay you back with evil.

Every tone they bring

Very nice poem especially the rhymes u constructed this poem well i like it

Small Seedling Soul

Nice poem short and comprehensive. I respect it

Only One[Ours Is A True Love Born]

Nice poem simple and rhythmic.
This is what couples believe and assert when the first meet or in their early relationship. Later they start to fall apart.

Those Things You Do

Surely the personae is really in love. Lovely piece of poem.

Love, Hate and Vendetta

Nice u have spoken for us all. This is great!

10th, March Uprising Day

Memory will long run for ever u have told and reminded your people who they are and where there are coming from. i like this poem

Alive by M,A.Meddings

i swear any girl lady or damsel this poem is written to will fall for it. She will melt! yes she will. Try it.
This is a very good poem ful of assonance alliteration and ryhthm.
I respect it

The Signature of Our Souls

wow this is very nice i like it.


We all search for some in life the prayer is that what we are searchin for should be searchable or seeable.
A well written piece. I respect it.

Murum Sarciendum

Nice innovation i like it. This is really good

Harmonising Echoes[Co-write with KJC]

This is a well written co write i like it. When we work in harmony things will get better.