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61 years old from Sweden

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autumn encounter

1223455667765544333 stars to place in your garden..painfully beautiful,,,

Caminos del norte

Dear friend.
poetry to me is a concentrate of emotions
its a journey to the heart without a visit to The intellect (or perhaps a very short stop)

This poem is amazing!
You give me pictures that stays in my heart
Thank you !!

the time that is moving round me now - 3

True and beautiful thoughts

You are life

"All concepts are too small to dress life

Life simply is

You are life"

Its difficult to let the head (with all the thoughts and ideas ) take a vaccation and just be Thank you for remainding me. Excellent poem!!

Comment about a comment

clever and interesting
you know what to do with the lines and the words .
I laugh and then I think and the I laugh

I love it!!!

Reality (A Love Poem)

A loving and caring tribute to the one you love I like it!! -Pia

She Told Me Straight

Well at least you had a wonderful time with this Gabriella or should we say Gabriel You cant say that about all dates..Pia

Under Your Spell by M.A.Meddings

The word worship is not used very often theese days ..but I think its a terrific word I am enchanted by your poem We all know what a sweet and caring person you are Wishing you a lovely day-Pia

Find Me Some Shade

Badly behaving sounds great and so does olivs and cypress trees ...you make me long for sun , the Mediterranean, life, good food and love ..Thank you -your poem is lovely ! Pia

Another night

"to fall into the other side" Your poem makes me think and think again and wonder ...is it the darkness ..interesting and different poem


Oh this is beautiful and clever and wonderful ...i love it!!! Pia


This poem is so very beautiful ..I love the humble loving tone in this poem ...very touching -Pia

If It's a Crime to Love you by M.A.Meddings

Well if it would be a crime falling in love you would probably be looking at a life sentence...just kidding ..we all love you , you know that ..I love the way you end the poem ..yes friendship is truely worht holding on to - Pia

Break out

i hope that you will eventually find the strengh to get out - there is a lot to see outthere but i know what sadness can do to you and I think that you express it so well Another beautiful poem from you - Pia

Its all about love

This is a tender , loving and sincere lovepoem that tuches me - Pia

I Am No Lion

I just love this poem ..no need for you to be a silly lion...so much better for you to be you...I really enjoyed this poem ! With love Pia


Oh this poem is so sweet!!and so clever ...How canyou send her your eyes...absoloutly wonderful Thank you!

You are dying

The mosaic is falling to pieces ...so much grief and fear i can read in this poem ..your words are powerful With love Pia

Reconciled by M.A.Meddings

How strange it is that no matter how quickly time flies , when you meet someone you have been very close to you can see it all again ..perhaps not always clearly ..A tender and beautiful poem from you-Pia

The Haikhu Renga text Final text

Thank you for beeing part of so much fun Looking forward to the next challenge-Pia

we dreamt

This poem is so very sensual so intimate ...the lines" I was deep inside
body and soul
waiting to be born
your child
your man of beauty and grace" are so sensational Ohhhhhh...dont really know what to say....Pia

Fear , fifth stanza

oh...you are so excellent ...yes love can be like that ...i feel like crying and smiling at the same time This is wonderful...Pia

Invisible Realm?

Well just by reading your poems i can find about 5598887755 reasons to love you. I love the way you write , you are so open-hearted and brave and there is so much emotion in your poem Claim greatness instead of insanity , that way you can be just as mad as you want and feel like With love Pia

The Waltz

This reminds me of Leonard Cohens "Dance me to the end of love" An excellent poem from you i love "1-2-3...2-2-3....3-2-3...4-2-3" I really enjoyed reading your poem and i am wishing you a day full of joy-Pia

the breaking of a heart

How sad.....and how painfully beautiful She wanted to fly because she was a princess ...she was only looking down -could see love ...a beautiful beautiful poem from you -Pia

My Friend by M.A.Meddings

I am sure your friend will come back to you If you write beautiful poems like this one she wont be able to resitst you-Pia

If only

if i dont take the time there will never be time for me...you will have to sit down and take the time you need ...if only we could be allowed to do that more...sigh and sigh I really like your poem, if only i had written it myself-Pia


Oh that is so true...what jealousy is all about How clever , funny and sad at the same time - like life often is Wishing you joy-Pia

now still a river between us

some people are "printed" in you You cant erase them you belong to them ...how touching ...reading your poems I find it hard to breathe ..so much feeling With love Pia

the child

a very intelligent and different poem ...what are we here for ...what does the puzzle look like ...what part of us are we allowed to keep only for ourselves ...An excellent excellent poem from you! With love Pia

My Saviour

Thats the good part taht no matter how bad it all is -we are never alone God is with me , even when my life is bad and my choices in life are not so good . Thank you for a sincere and beautiful poem-Pia

Shattered Dreams

How do you regain trust ? why are we so often drawn to what is not good for us ...leave the dark room and all its pain ...you will find love , Iam sure A really good poem from you -Pia


How beautifully written ...I am not going to analyze something as beautiful as this so I will just say bravo! Pia


that last line can be read in at least two ways I think ...You will never be the same now when he is gone but the rain just keeps falling as if nothing happened Your writing is so painfully beautiful...With love Pia

Brief Encounter by M.A.Meddings

Beautiful but brief-the way life is ..I love it -Pia

Nothing as quiet as snow

Oh what a lovely Christmas poem ...so sweet and so amusing ...Pia

On an isle of your own...

smiling and smiling again ...I dont know about Sharon Stone ..but the rest oh yeeeess! smiling again-Pia

The World Today

Yes Zoya, lets talk about how we end up with what Bob Dylan calls "too much of nothing"..I have often thought about how much that is going on and how litttle of it that matters and how far away many of us has come from ourselves and what we were meant to be ...I love this poem -Pia

Recycle Me

Oh-you are so clever ...recycle emotions ...With your poem you make me realize that we can try again (even if its damm hurtful and we might fall again and hurt ourselves ), often we are much to much afraid and therefore we fail....Please - recycle me too!! Wishing you joy-Pia


Cars amd houses much too big for us to handle , I love the line line "a streak of orange" Orange is such a "restless" and disharmonic colour - istn it? And you are watching all this from a plane.. "seat belt fastened" A very clever poem!! Wishing you a joyful day-Pia

All or None

First of all : I love your poem!! Its passionate and so well written Secondly , (and I hate to say this beeing a passionate soul all my life) I think we women so often love much too much and have to pay a high price for that ...Wishing you joy and peace-Pia


Oh I know that feeling ....alone in the sunlight ...A beautiful beautiful Haiku from you! -Pia

Just How My Heart Became You by M.A.Meddings

" how my heart became you" What a lovely lovely line ....Another sad but very beautiful poem from you-Pia

: You

Another bravo!! is on its way to you What a lovely presentation of yourself and of your potential Before the flood , before the passion before love Beautiful writing from you -Pia

Sunday not of this world

"warm in my scalp
closing fingers
around the palm cavity
that lets the light in" This is so beautiful so i dont know what to say ...you brought the daylight into my room with this poem ..love love and love again -Pia

Yours and Yours alone

Oh...this poem is so beautiful ...so painfully beaituful ...Pia

Snowflakes by M.A.Meddings

Love is fragile and so are snowflakes - a lovely littel poem that stays with you . Beatiful!

I remember You by M.A.Meddings

there is sadness around this poem ....did she leave when autumn and darkness came? A beautiful poem ...Pia


I know that feeling ...but what is really connecting perhaps we are connecting with some and they wont tell us about it ...dont worry too much i think you are a very interesting person worth connecting to wishing you a day full of joy! Pia

The sweetest of slumbers

wy sleep when you are so beautiful? A beautiful beatiful tribute to your husband Has he seen it yet? Such tenderness and warmth Excellent writing from you!! with love Pia